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Article: The heaviness of the moment is about to SHIFT!

The heaviness of the moment is about to SHIFT!

The heaviness of the moment is about to SHIFT!

Satnam loves, Myrah here. 
Are you ready for things to get a little lighter after the intense eclipses we just experienced?
For the past few weeks, I found myself laid out on the ground just taking deep breaths and sighs to just deal with the intensity of those eclipses.
I have good news, New Moon in Sagittarius is coming up next week on November 23rd at 2:57PM PST and this will usher in a fresh new beginning.   Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter so together they will bring us an experience of expansion, wisdom and joy.
This is certainly a very welcoming time of year for us all.
The symbol for Sagittarius is the Archer, the Arrow, which is a message to us for the direction we should be seeking during this time which is spiritual growth, searching for opportunities for higher learning and integrating the wisdom of the lessons we have already learned this year.
The heaviness of the moment is about to SHIFT!
Can I get a collective inhale and big sigh! Ahhhh..... Ooooo.  Weeeeee!
Sagittarius brings to us a high level perspective, a birds eye view of our lives in a neutral and calm way. This allows us to be fully present to what is coming up so we can resolve, heal and reveal the true next steps we need to take in our lives.
A time for Gratitude!
This is certainly a time that is going to feel very personal to you. It is ok to slow things down so that you can truly sense and feel into the good fortunes that will certainly show up for you now if you have the eyes to see them and the heart to fully be grateful for what already is and what is becoming... of our lives.
A time to feel recognized..
So often, we go "out there" looking to be recognized by the world.  We seek "success" by defining it with progress in the amount of $$ in our accounts or the amount of likes on a IG post.... the beautiful thing about this Sag New Moon is that we can go much deeper and feel invigorated, joyful, light... which all comes from being deeply grateful. 
See yourself!
Fill your own cup.
In this seeing, in this way of being, you will find yourself in a flow that makes everything work.
Mercury's conjunction with the New Moon will place major focus on us not paying attention to that voice in our heads... in this way, during this time we will no longer be impacted by the past.
Very exciting times loves.  Much more coming your way soon! Including my New Moon Workshop on this topic next week.

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