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Article: Full Moon in Gemini December 7th activates a powerful numerology

Silk Kaftan Bali

Full Moon in Gemini December 7th activates a powerful numerology

Satnam beautiful graceful sisters!

What a time it is to be alive and the celebration takes hold for us on the upcoming Full Moon in Gemini which is happening December 7th-8th.


December 7th is when it is happening in Bali and this number is quite profound.


2023 is also going to be a 7 universal year so its worth tuning into, as well with 23 being the Royal star of the lion, we have very news coming our way.


There are 7 days of the week,  there are 7 chakras, 7 continents in the world, our skin replenishes every 7 days and our bodies completely regenerate every 7 years...


We have 7 wonders of the world.


The Angel Number is 777.


7 brings heaven to earth in your heart.


Full Moon in Gemini rules curiosity... The Gemini twins metaphor encourages us to see both sides of every issue, every interaction and every challenge.


Full Moons with the increasing energy in general do stir up emotions. With the Mars Retrograde happening this combination will certainly increase forward momentum, confidence and passion!  As well as your Lobito will feel a little extra spicy.


Date night with your special other one yes!


Dating, well, I would say, if you can be mindful of the impulsive energy that the Full Moon will bring, then why not! This is a moment of the year to celebrate as we bring to close a very intense and transitional year.


The Moon will be opposite the Sun in Sagittarius...


Sag is a fire sign, so this will certainly add to your emotional risings... but Gemini will bring in the fun and humour to balance things out.


Saturn is also around this time Trine to the Sun and Moon.  This will encourage you to truly take responsibility for everything that happens to you.


Be the leader of your life.

Saturn is often called the planet of karma, it’s purely about the balancing of energy... hence what you put out, comes back. It is a call for us to wake up, be present and take ownership of what is... from this space we truly have power to use... and it is during the full moon that we put energy towards what we truly want to create in our lives in a positive way.


Creative Visualization is always a powerful tool to use during Full Moons.


Affirm the positive things that are happening.


Visualize things you want to see happen in the next 1-3 years.


Focus on being grateful throughout the emotional highs and lows that naturally weave through during these full moon cycles.


The universe is always in balance and we are the only ones that can create imbalance...

It is with this awareness that we can refocus our energy on what is creating that imbalance and move that energy forward and again focus on drawing in and resonating more and more and more with the positive aspects of our lives.


As I do every lunation, I will be sharing a workshop on grounding and using these energies in our lives.


It is always a pleasure and honour to be with you and I hope more of you can join me this time around!


There is a replay available if you can't make it live. https://masters.livekick.com/myrahpenaloza


Also, I know black friday is over but we did just add a ton of new pieces to the sale offering.  We are doing a major warehouse and sample sale to make room for all of the new designs we have ready coming from our lab here.  Beyond excited to share. https://myrahpenaloza.com/collections/cyber-monday-2022






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