Elegant, Elevated, Graceful Feminine Power.


Kundalini Gown Short Edition . Available now.


Everyday Priestess Chic.



I want to feel beautiful. That's how I feel wearing Myrah's collection. Graceful, Gorgeous Woman. Kundalini Gown makes clothes for women , the everyday women who wants to feel like a queen.
Carrie-Anne Moss. Actress, Founder of Love Annapurna Living in Los Angeles
I love this collection so much. You truly are a gifted designer. It's comfortable but elegant and let's me feel at ease and like a powerful chic priestess all at the same time.
Amanda Giacomini, Artist/Yogi 10,000 Buddhas Project in San Francisco
The collection makes me feel elegant and elevated. I love wearing my Frida Duster (white) especially in the mornings for my sadhana and breakfast dates with the hubby. It's such a magical piece and when I put it on it's like I'm stepping into my graceful feminine power.
Joanna Andreae @wanderingwellness www.wanderingwellness.com in DC Based, California Dreaming
When I first wore my Kundalini Gown Original, the love and care placed into it's creation was evident immediately. It felt protective, yet connected, like being draped in the White Light of Higher Consciousness. Each of my pieces from Myrah has the same vibration and allows me to be more powerful in my work and practise.
Tracy Keough, Crystalline Energy Medicine, wwww.tracykeough.com in Newfoundland, Canada

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