Into the 11:11 Portal we go... bring heaven into your heart.

Satnam loves Myrah here.
It's been such a powerful week and end of this year.
As we approach the end of any cycle things do get a little more intense.
The universe tries to pack in all the lessons that you didn't process quite yet. So, eclipse, full moon, mars is in retrograde to jan 12 and now we have the very special and auspicious 11:11 happening today.
11:11:2022 is quite a master sequence of numbers.
This 11:11 date will certainly feel like another powerful wave of transformation and positive changes in your life. It will feel like an awakening energy, adding to a November as a whole that will be an intense time.
Individually and as a collective we are being called to be more conscious.
To wake up!
I mean even just seeing the 11:11 numbers always makes me feel more aware in those moments.
The number 11 represents our inner light.
The shift that we are seeing is one from operating only from our mind and thoughts to attuning into our intuition and
trusting her call and voice.
We all know that our gut feeling is almost always right.
This is how intuition speaks through sensation. I believe that this 11:11 experience can be so sensational when we step into
our power and trust the life that is right in front of us.
Love, use this time to gain control of your mind, take time to engage more with spirit, engage more with nature, engage more with LOVE!
Make no mistake, 11:11 us a monumental day energetically, astrologically and numerologically.
Everything is pointing you towards moving through the world with your heart first.
The number 11 is a portal. You face your divine you in the mirror.
1+1+1+1 = 4
Four is the number for grounding.
We have 4 directions.
We have 4 seasons.
This represents all the cycles of our life on our beautiful planet.
The eclipses... the mars retrograde and 11:11 it's just so powerful....
It's reflecting a lot of beliefs that are in your mind that are ready to be cleaned and cleared.
This time will bring things to the surface more than ever before!
Stand your ground in your heart. You don't engage in the power play because that's the duality.
11:11 is a time to bring heaven into your heart.
Focus on the positive.
Purge the negative.
This year and 2023 has so much possibility and opportunity.
I'm very excited to be here with you during this time.
Above all, have a really good day, enjoy the little things, be a little more gentle with yourself and trust your heart space.
11:11 is here!
Myrah & Robindra.

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