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Article: Soaking up the divine feminine energies of the New Moon Gemini

Soaking up the divine feminine energies of the New Moon Gemini

Soaking up the divine feminine energies of the New Moon Gemini

Sat Nam loves, Myrah here. 
I just had the opportunity to sit in meditation with Erika Badu here in Bali at the Merusa Wellness Festival and it was such a wonderful morning experience.  She's got that mamma energy and endlessly creative, no apology, no f's given kind of approach that really spoke to the artist within me.
The entire experience felt like a major upgrade which fully aligns with what is happening in the stars right now.
This week along with the New Moon Gemini with 5 planets powering it up, we also have a 
Venus Star point happening in Gemini.
Venus is saying, I deserve better.
This "better", this "up-levelling" requires a better version of myself to show up.
Here I was up at 5am to get to the Erika Badu event and I felt intuitively that yes I need to keep waking up a little earlier to match the energy of the shift that is possible right now.
At the event, I had one of the main coordinators approach me to host events with them and I felt the deep connection with how it feels to be consciously up-level.  
This is exactly what Venus will bring out for you, you will probably feel and experience new relationship connections that a) come out of the blue + b) new connections that feel pure and simply nourishing.
What new soul nourishing relationships are arising for you?
Out of nowhere last week, a Japanese Matcha Ceremonialist and Artist who lives in Mexico showed up in our shop and we had an instant connection.  I'm Mexican and obsessed with Japanese culture and she's Japanese obsessed with Mexican culture. 
We sat over tea for hours, realizing how similar our cultures are and how we felt like sisters from different planets.
Venus rules heart based relationships, so this is something I really want you to look for...observe, welcome and embrace!  I did just that and now I am so excited to share that we are working on Pop Up Shop in Tokyo and Kyoto Japan. 
If you know me, this is a dream coming true and it's happening right now.
Venus amplifies the feminine energy. Venus connects you in relationships with the feminine that can nourish your life right now. 
With the feminine energy we have a new consciousness rising around self love and self worth.
What do you want to experience more of?
What do you want to receive more of?
Allow the New Moon Gemini to be a fresh start for you to take these energies forward.
Do take advantage of these next days and week. While the Sun is in Gemini it’s time to LIGHTEN UP and allow the pure natural joy in your HEART to guide you.
Sun and Moon are exactly conjunct VENUS with all three at 16° Gemini.
AND JUPITER and Mercury in Gemini join Venus, Sun and Moon for a quintuple Stellium!
That means the Sun, Moon and Gemini – ruler of the Gemini New Moon – are merged with the two Greater Benefics, Jupiter and Venus!
In a practical sense, the New Moon Gemini wants you to look at your daily routines and schedule. Do you need to wake up a little earlier to get your morning yoga practice or work out?
Gemini is a sign of duality... the twins and the energy of both sides of the body. Gemini is a  multitasker and can handle a lot of things at once.  You will certainly be feeling this over the next few days.
Loves, soak up this energetic refresh in Gemini.
This energy wants to burst through and begin a new way of approaching your daily life.
Take time over the next few days and re-design your way of operating on the daily to be more in alignment with who you are, what you value, and what makes you happy!
For me, yes, I am joining the 5am club for the first time since becoming a mamma. I do remember the sleepless nights of having young kids but right now we are stepping into a new phase of growth and possibilities.
Do what you gotta do loves, to make sure the mamma in you feels recharged, nourished and JOYFUL.
Everything is amplified now.
Communicate what you need.  Have deep conversations with the people close to you to help you create the space you need to be a better version of yourself each and everyday, starting with this New Moon Gemini.
All the love, more Badu highlights coming soon!
xoxo Myrah & Robindra

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