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Article: Altering Reality with the New Moon Gemini happening tomorrow!

Altering Reality with the New Moon Gemini happening tomorrow!

Altering Reality with the New Moon Gemini happening tomorrow!

Sat Nam loves Myrah here.
Happy Monday, happy new week and tomorrow we are celebrating New Moon.
June is a pivotal month of the year. It's our midpoint and in numerology it's a 14 universal month which breaks down to the #5. 5 is a number of changes, June will certainly be a month of change, exploration, taking risks and exploring what freedom means to you from all angles.
The excitement and faster pace this month helps you think on your feet and intuitively know what to do at any given moment.
Be open to new adventures!
Embracing change instills confidence in your abilities to pivot and be in the flow at all times.
Venus will Conjunct the Sun during the Gemini New Moon which is amazing news. This is a highly fortunate connection of expression of love, joy and will give you an overall sense of feeling good.
Venus brings in really good energy that can be amplified during the new moon which is love, pleasure, kindness all being rooted from having a gratitude practice.
The New Moon in Gemini will initiate some major growth spurts and initiate positive shifts in all areas of your life.
Jupiter trine Pluto is asking you to transform something in your life – it will most likely coincide withan opportunity or series of opportunities.
Jupiter adds gratitude, and a lovely trust in the goodness of the universe.
My manifestation formula is pretty simple, its 
Vision + Gratitude + Inspired Action = A world of miracles opens up!
It is going to be a fast moving month and yet we will still feel a bit of tension with Saturn. 
 Which will give us some level of constraints to work with so that we can really focus, get active and be determined. Things likely won't come easy but they will arrive when you show that you are willing to do the work. 
Your willingness to take action will be supported in a big way by Saturn.
Remember, if right now things feel a little challenging, it is actually a gift. If things are too easy, we often, especially in the warmer months will not take the opportunity by horns in full inspired action.
This is your month to write. Write down your vision, for this upcoming cycle, month, 12 weeks... 6 months, 12 months. This highly fortunate cosmic alignment is ready for you to take action on.
The New Moon signifies a new cycle.
This Gemini cycle is going to spark some really deep and intense conversations to shift our perceptions and move us forward.
Saturn energy is around to remind us to get serious about the things that matter most to us this week.
Saturn likes seeding, leaves roots behind that have a lasting impact, the seeds you sow now, if you put in good seeds for your future.
Saturn is about work, the good work that truly moves your life. That is here now! Rejoice. Embrace. Adorn yourself beautifully.
Further amplifying things is that we have 5 Planets in Gemini: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, Moon.
You can take action on your ideas and make some serious headways now.
Gemini is an air sign and you are probably already feeling that instant feeling of activity, and increased communications.
Your options open up during Gemini periods.
You have a lot of variety to choose from... so, try to stay focused as it's going to be a time where we are easily scattered.
Center yourself, look at your vision, be grateful for what is already here and move from inspiration.
Feel your expansion.
Celebrate your life.
A cycle is here and it's time to take advantage, put these celestial happenings to work for you.
You will reap the rewards.
Here with you loves, prayers, love, and best wishes!
xoxo Love Myrah & Robindra

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