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Amma Gown, one of our most luxurious pieces in a flowy silk/satin. 

We craft sacred Garments for intentional living and this piece is our homage to one our world's foremost leaders, AMMA.  

 Amma says that her life is about love. 

Her entire life has been dedicated to alleviating the pain of the poor, and those suffering physically and emotionally. If you look at photos of her when she was young she quite often wore pieces like this one that criss cross in the front creating a safe space for her heart. 

This piece truly has an elegant feel to it when you put it on. 

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Amma Gown (100% Bamboo Rayon, Available in Multiple Colors)Amma Gown (100% Bamboo Rayon, Available in Multiple Colors)
Amma Gown (100% Bamboo Rayon, Available in Multiple Colors) Sale priceFrom $177.00 Regular price$208.00
Amma Gown (Coral or Indigo)Amma Gown (Coral or Indigo)
Amma Gown (Coral or Indigo) Sale price$198.00


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