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Article: The Power of Aligning with the Lunar Moon Cycle

The Power of Aligning with the Lunar Moon Cycle

The Power of Aligning with the Lunar Moon Cycle

Hi everyone, Myrah here.  As we prepare to launch a few new pieces to our collection this spring which include the Stardust Luminous Playsuit. I've been reflecting on new beginnings, new moons and the power of aligning with the lunar cycles. 

When we align with the the lunar cycle, we will begin to feel the subtle and sometimes not so subtle energy (I know some of you don't sleep during a full moon, I certainly don't!!), I digress!!

The reason we want to align to the pulsations, the rhythms, the motions and cycles of the moon is because we want to ride the energy of the present moment instead of habitually resisting it! 

How much of our lives are spent resisting reality? Doubting our decisions, doubting the relationships we are in, doubting our relationships with ourselves and so much more. The New Moon, 4th Day of the Moon, 11th Day of the Moon & Full Moon are all days we can use as landmarks in our consciousness to reset and renew.  Can we all take a deep inhale and exhale all out doubt please?  

Now doesn't that feel good? Somewhere along the way, the mind tried to take over and the whispers of the heart got faded in our busy busy lives. 

New Moons are about bringing intentionality into our lives, to work a little smarter and live a litter better. 

In the Aquarian Age, we use New Moons & Full Moons to create more meaning in our lives. 

New Moons are an internal time, it is the perfect time to re-pattern our inner dialogue & inner patterns. In Kundalini Yoga, we use sound technology and japji / repeated mantras to diamond focus the mind towards positive, inspired and elevated thoughts and feelings. 

New Moons are a time to be curious, inspired and to fill yourself to the brim with high vibe expectations. 

The Power Of Aligning With The Lunar Moon Cycle

Timing is everything!

Farmers knew all about this, if they didn't plant their seeds at the right time, they would literally starve. Before the Aquarian Age, timing was "art" it was more like intuitive guess work. However now with all the wonderful resources we have available to us from astrologers to online resources, timing is more like a science. If you do the right research, ask the right questions, you can utilize timing to make great decisions. 

Are your New Year's Resolutions still going strong?

We all love fresh starts, we are more likely to do something that's good for us during these times. Just like Monday's are a landmark that are in our minds about the start of a week, New Moons, Full Moons are great additions to our consciousness and calendars to that can help you powerfully connect with your heart and stay inspired beyond the first few days of the year. 

Endings can also Energize us.

The full moon can be interpreted as a grand finale for lunar cycle, it is a great ending. It is well researched that people tend to perform and do better after there is an ending.

Notoriously in restaurant reviews, the restaurants that give a little extra during the end of the experience, tend to get better business reviews. We seem to remember the end of things more than the beginning middle or end. 

Endings help us encode, evaluate and remember experiences, so add the full moon to your calendar as a powerful time to create, celebrate and show up even more powerfully in your life, for your family, community and global family. 

It's All In The Stars

We are beyond excited to bringing you the Stardust version of our classic Luminous Playsuit. It is in a light and stretchy natural cotton terri fabric which makes it perfect for spring/summer.  Orders are open now and they ship later in April. Get yours.


It is so wonderful to see that the lunar cycles have caught the attention of more and more people. Today, on instagram, facebook and youtube you can access so much free information about these power lunar portals. 

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