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Article: Modern Day Talismans, The Power Of Inspiring Friendships

Modern Day Talismans, The Power Of Inspiring Friendships

Modern Day Talismans, The Power Of Inspiring Friendships

I met this beautiful queen, Nikki Jacoby at the second year of the Spirit Weavers gathering of 2015, we had our trading blankets laid out side by side with our artisan goods for sale or trade. At the time my Kundalini Gown collection had conceptualized to only a few sample gowns, so i had my trading blacket adorned with vintage native turquoise jewelry that I curated along the way with goods from my travels around the globe. 

Modern Day Talismans The Power Of Inspiring Friendships

I remember glancing over and then literally staring at her beautiful and original artistry and sacredly designed (in a non-"Flower of life" kinda way) hairloom hair pins. I knew I had to have one. I crawled over to her blanket and inquired about the largest hair comb/pin (go big or go home) and suggested a trade and she so kindly declined only to find out that she was with child and would benefit more from cash vs. another "thing" and I completely and compassionately understood. After returning from my trip to california I ended up purchasing my first hair pin from her and said goodbye to hair ties (which I find are really hard on my hair and create tension on my head)   

I had fallen in love with her creation. You just knew that her jewelry had a special kind of vibration. It felt like actual technology. The method behind Nikki Jacoby is created by teasing the nectar out of metal, which brings it to life and creating an emotion.  Her collections range from big brass door knocker earrings to heirloom hair combs and and modern day talismans.  Jewelry has always been very personal for her, she received her grandmother's collection before she passed along with stories of each piece which set a foundation for the special role that adornments can play in our lives.  It is her goal to create a little bit of personal history, a story that captures a moment in time.  She aims to share something special that is of high quality and will last to pass on to the next generation or friend. 

Modern Day Talismans The Power Of Inspiring Friendships

By the grace of god and her willingness to collaborate in bring together and giving life to a piece very near and tender to my heart. She was able to create and hold the vision of our Adi Shakti - Mystic Floral Heirloom Hair Comb pins as a true technology for the aquarian age. 

"These combs have a few different elements represented, the first being Adi Shakti, primal first power and divine mother energy.. Embodying light & dark, power & grace, tenderness and fierceness and the true essence of who we are as women."

Nikki pulled from these themes in designing these combs with the sharpness of the swords, symbolizing the feminine STANDING in her power contrasted with the softness and sensual curves with the flower petals in bloom.

What really touched my heart was expanding on the symbol of infinity, she transformed it into the sun in the center of the swords for sweet Soleil, "representing the bright rays of light in all of our children." As a reminder that "They are our divining rod showing us the way and providing constant inspiration and drive to be our best and highest selves. The ultimate love and lessons in trust and surrender." (Nikki's words) 

"The moons are added to represent the cycles of life and our connectedness to the earth as well as being the goddess symbol and mark of the high priestess, which I believe to be in all of us."

I bow to this queen for creating just that and I bow to myself for the inception. For these combs are like little mini crowns and the metals work as tools to be reminded of our sovereignty.  

Here is some musings by and rituals from the artist herself - Nikki Jacoby. 

Modern Day Talismans The Power Of Inspiring Friendships

1. What are your daily rituals? 

As a mother of a magical toddler and a business owner, my daily rituals fluctuate depending on what each day brings.  Lately during these cozy winter months in the Pacific Northwest, the first ritual of the day is making myself a delicious cup of coffee and reading a book to my son Kairos to start our day. I then go from there to either work in my studio or head out on an adventure with the kiddo. 

Cooking a wholesome meals from scratch is another daily ritual of mine, it grounds me and is a way I can nourish myself, my family as well as share love and gratitude.

Music is another huge daily ritual. Listening and grooving through the day whether I am working on jewelry in my studio or hanging out with my son keeps me feeling good. Its a reliable friend that I can count on to shift my mood by the press of a button. 

Going for a walk is something I strive to do on a daily basis, it is an instant reset and reminder to be in my body and take a few minutes to step away from work and responsibilities and just simply move and breathe. 

Finding the balance of self care and ritual within my role as a mother, partner and business owner has been a little tricky, these are the simple things I have found I have space to do most days during this season of my life. 

2.  What mantra or Kriya is your "go to" when you feel creatively stuck or in need of a reboot?

I have a couple that I use when I need to be inspired or am noticing myself slip in to an unproductive thought pattern.  The first one is PMA MIW which stands for Positive Mental Attitude ( thank you Bad Brains) and Make It Work ( thank you Tim Gunn).  These two unrelated pop culture references came together one summer about ten years ago with my dear sisters here in Seattle and just stuck. These two combined phrases remind me that with this mindset I can accomplish anything and get through any situation, it's a choice to get bogged down or stay in a space of immobility and frustration. I have this tattooed on my arm and am currently making a medallion with the letters inscribed, so stay tuned! 

The other one is a Lakshmi meditation I learned from the wonderful Adriana Rizzolo at the Spirit Weavers Gathering last summer.

This mantra helps to restore my inner balance and allows me to slip in to a space of abundance, beauty and compassion. Its significance is two fold as well,
bringing me back to the beautiful voice of a friend surrounded by my sisters out in nature which is a huge place of power for me. 

3.  Who or what inspire you? Musings? 

I have so many inspirations! In life, it is my group of girlfriends, they are all so talented in so many different ways. I can look to a different one on any given day depending on what's in front of me and think what would ______ do? I feel eternally grateful for these friendships and constant guidance. 

Creatively I am inspired by architecture, vintage textiles, symbolism and hidden meanings as well as patterns in nature on micro and macro levels. The old ways of creating objects is a great inspiration as well, its a reminder that things don't have to be high tech and complicated, you just have to be clever or have a great teacher. 

"As a woman in business today I feel like its more important than ever to support each other in every way possible and to lift each other up so we can rise together creatively and in business. It is the future and so necessary in playing a part in healing our crazy world. Connecting and working with other conscious business owners is one of my favorite parts of my business." - Nikki Jacoby 

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