PODCAST: On Creativity, Love and Kundalini Yoga with Myrah Penaloza and Cora Geroux

A while ago we were interviewed by @corageroux on the Teaching Yoga Podcast and now you can listen in now wherever you find your podcasts.

We talk about the process of launching Kundalini Gown in 2016, how I work from anywhere in the world, and doing business in the Aquarian Age. 

Show Notes:


Have you ever wondered how to start a product based yoga business? It can seem so much scarier than putting up a “services” page on your website for privates, or corporates, but in today’s episode Myrah breaks down just how do-able it can actually be.

Myrah is a mother of 2, kundalini yoga teacher & founder of the fashion line, “Kundalini Gown”. Myrah and her husband, Robindra are 100% digital nomad parents, and run their multiple businesses from Canada, Bali and Los Angeles.  Her mission is to empower women through yoga, community, education, and the art of adornment. 

I’ve been obsessed with Myrah’s Instagram for the last few years, and did a little happy dance the day she agreed to be on the show. I’m super curious about ways that yoga teachers can diversify and scale their businesses, and Myrah gives us so much incredible intel on this episode, I can’t wait for you to listen in. So if you’ve ever wanted to launch a yoga product into the world, this episode is for you my friend.

Link to listen on itunes: http://bit.ly/teachingyogapodcast

Link to listen on spotify: http://bit.ly/teachingyogapodcastspotify
Link to listen on google: http://bit.ly/teachingyogagooglepodcast
To listen go to @corageroux and follow the link in her profile.

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