Podcast Feature - The Aquarian Woman with Myrah Penaloza

“If you love yourself enough, it doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter where you live, you’ll make it a good time.” 

Head over to the Manifest This Podcast to listen to this episode with Myrah Penaloza and Ashely Wood.


+ why Myrah and her family recently spent six months in Bali
+ how her parenting style changed in Bali after slowing down 
+ mothering the mother
+ what is an Aquarian Woman?
+ commanding planetary energetic vortices with your fingertips
+ the rings to wear on each finger to command energy
+ liberating your ancestors by your own spiritual practice 
+ the conscious uprising that we’re experiencing now
+ how Myrah grounds and centres herself 
+ how she takes her business, Kundalini Gown, from place to place 
+ her family’s future plans in Bali
+ what is true prosperity?
+ why Myrah started Kundalini Gown
+ the energetic vibration and healing powers of linen

“If you don’t understand the times, you’ll misinterpret your own experience of how to be on the planet.”

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