On the importance of Purpose and designing a life that’s truly ours…

On the importance of Purpose and designing a life that’s truly ours…

The nature of life is that it is hard, there are challenges and it can be a grind yes? 


The many practises shared by Buddha were to give us as tools to navigate this type of world… with obstacles to overcome with a sense of calmness and equanimity. 

Without a sense of purpose, it’s easy to feel that the grind of everyday human existence is worth the trouble. 


Can you relate?  


Parenting truly makes every day even more challenging and at the same time equally rewarding. 


The problem with goals…

We are often so busy chasing goals and doing all the things that society/culture taught us to chase.. instead of slowing down and really looking at what truly makes us happy. 


I often wonder for myself, where did this goal come from?


Am I trying to gain approval from someone?  From my family, from someone on social media?


As an entrepreneurial creative nomad family… our main driver has always been to spend the maximum amount of time with our family. 


However the societal pressure for more more more = success has most entrepreneurs chasing more… 


but perhaps not spending the amount of time to feel and be with the truth, the truth of who they are and the truth of why they are here. 


In the west, most of us believe that we can find purpose by “achieving” something. 

I’ll be happy when.... I can spend more time with my family when... my health and my mental health will be my top priority after I’ve made $xyz #,000,000. 


We spend more on coffee and social events than our own healing. 


Self healing is something my hubby @robindra and I have been chasing down for over a decade together and even more so lately as parents.


It’s what lead us to Bali, the intention to “heal” postpartum after having our second baby. 


It’s what lead us to live the life we live right now. 


Most of us are just following what “culture” tells us to value. 

Some people think purpose is having a corner office, some people think becoming some type of star.. movie, model, artist...even entrepreneur star is purpose, some think purposeful living is being off grid using leaves as toilet paper. 


Any of these ambitions may actually be an expression of your purpose. 

However most of these things could be coming from what you think other people will think about you... for approval, that high five, that “respect”. 


Marching to your own drum beat is an art. 

And we are ALL artists. 


How you choose to live is your art. And that is the art of discovering and uncovering your purpose. 


You are an innovation. No one exists like you. You bring value. You are here to make a difference.


If you feel purposeless... then the most important thing to do is slow down... 


because you are ready to change direction. 


Who is READY to shift gears? 


Who is ready to shift your course and direction your very own? 


To your ❤️ led path??

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