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Article: Feminine Flow States - 3 ways to tap into yours

Feminine Flow States - 3 ways to tap into yours

Feminine Flow States - 3 ways to tap into yours

Feminine Flow States

Dear sister, may you open to the great flow that is breathing you right now. The aspect of the one as Saraswati or she is is the great flow. Inspiration, wisdom, creativity, sublime essence. Feminine Flow state is inspiration, wisdom, creativity which is most powerfully generated through a personal practise. 

We all seek a little less stress and a lot more flow, you know that flow when you go to open the door and someone opens it for you, when you are looking for the answer to something and it arrives at your doorstep. 

Slow, flowing lines of love, branching through the city din, washing, freeing, flowing through times bounded beauty, unhindered by worlds, unhinged to flood the land. Soaking in deluge, so buoyant and bountiful, staying in so closer than close   

Like poetry, a feminine flow state is a natural expression of life being creative.

Here are 3 ways to help you tap into the flow that is breathing with you right now. 

  1. Stop Doubting your path.

Be brave; trust your inner natural movement without second-guessing your path. So many of us spend most of our lives doubting our career paths, our relationships, our business, our decisions, it can bring life to a halt when it gets down to doubting even what you ate for dinner or what kind of coffee you had this morning. Doubt is a flow killer and it's really just your ego trying to protect you, but guess what, you don't need protection, you are safe, repeat after me, I AM SAFE, you are not getting chased by a lion in the jungle, these days most of the time it's a mental game. You doubt yourself because more than likely you are comparing yourself to others on social media and you get some idea that your totally unique path and life has to look like someone else's. Let's drop that right here and now, shall we?

Try this mantra for a few days and see how it works for you. Repeat this a few times a day. MY LIFE IS MINE.

Yes, yours, you are a unique emanation of divine feminine flow here to express your gifts in service to something more than just yourself. 

When you begin to trust your path, you begin to trust life and you will find your day to day life begin to flow. When life flows, so does your creativity, your happiness and feeling of connection with everything around you. If you take on dissipating doubt from your day to day, you will find yourself in flow more often.  So if you doubt that your current job is not for you, try to shift your perspective to something more supportive of flow, which would be curiosity, ok, Im in this job right now, it's not going to be forever that I'm here so what am I here to learn, what am I here to share? How can I prepare for whatever is next?  In a relationship you doubt?  Try letting going on a doubt fast for a few days and just enjoy the relationship for whatever it is, trust that if it's not meant to be, you will take action when needed.  The most important thing is tapping into this daily flow that will take you on a path that you heart is calling you to take on.  

  1. This Moment is meant to be. Be with it!

Trusting that this moment is exactly how it is meant to be, because it is happening right now, is a very powerful practise that will get you into the flow.  When you take on a perspective that each and every day is a gift and a divine opportunity to express and share your gifts you will see that every moment is meant to be, and we just need to show up and share share share!

Take on a practise that brings your attention into your body and out of your head. This rings true for anyone working on a computer or phone most of the time, get out and go for a walk!  Go breath in some air. Love transcends our limited sense of what is possible. Take on a practise where you take a break for 2-5 minutes every hour to slow down, close your eyes and draw your attention to your heart, simply sitting and focusing on your heart will amplify your awareness and bring you into a divine feminine flow. 

3. Cultivate a daily ritual that you focus on, one week at a time. 

I'm all about focusing on things one week at a time. So what this looks like is every sunday, I have a silent tea and meditation with myself and when I come out I write down the rituals that I want to focus on in the upcoming week. I write down the ritual, I write down the exact time I'm going to do it and then I put it up on my fridge, so my family can support and I can track my progress. 

A silent ritual helps you get in alignment with source. This is you with yourself. One of the most powerful things you can do is to get deeply connected with yourself. Who you are. What is your purpose in the world. What are you here to fulfill that when doing so leaves you joyous fulfilled and deeply satisfied in life. Standing here life seems simple and clear. You are grounded and certain. It is both peaceful and exciting at the same time.  A daily ritual, which you renew weekly is one of the most powerful ways to connect to your divine feminine flow. Start with simple wins, try making it a 2-3 minute ritual for the first week, if you do it every day with ease, then increase the complexity and increase the length of time. I find that when I do my daily ritual, usually first thing in the morning and last thing at night, I get into a creative flow, one that feels that it is in total alignment with the universe.  I take a step forward, I trust, I allow and things move for me in ways that seem almost magical. 

Love always, 


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