Your Heart is your home, navigating the upcoming New Moon in Cancer July 2020

Your Heart Is Your Home.
New Moon In Cancer is about awakening to the fact that your heart is your home.

Cancer brings the feminine in which brings the opportunity to feel at home.  We do need more rest during this time, so we don't go into reactionary mode.

Cancer governs food, and preparing meals, cooking, the whole sense of nourishment. So get your recipe books out, slow down and cook your favorite meals, sit with your family and be the space for love.

Shadow of cancer is clingy energy, feeling insecure, wanting to control and possess.. So know that you know, don't fall into that energy.
Everything has a purpose, nothing is an accident, accepting yourself without judgment means you accept everyone else without judgement.  This is the path to making clear and positive changes on our planet right now. 
Truly, this new moon energy is about learning to trust ourselves again, trust that everything happens for a reason and you are exactly where you need to be right now.
High vibrational living is very contagious,  make space for inner peace every single day and spread love.
Remember that you are choosing your life and that love is always there, there is no time where love isn’t present.
During the next 10 days we need to revisit that we are love, everyday, so that we can not feel the need to separate from love and to separate or cancel others. 
Allow yourself to be loved and cared for, allow yourself to receive.
Receiving  = your ability to relax and be naturally abundant. 
We can only receive what's truly ours when we are in a receptive state which is a relaxed, calm centered state. 
I will dive into this abundant state even more early next week and more about the new moon in cancer to share the tools I'm using at home, in my work and in my life to make a difference.
Keep sharing your voice, keep standing up for the injustices that speak and break your heart and most of all let's work the field to bring a more harmonious flow for all of us to experience.

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