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Article: Welcome to the fascinating and game changing Eclipse season 2023

Welcome to the fascinating and game changing Eclipse season 2023

Welcome to the fascinating and game changing Eclipse season 2023

Satnam loves, Myrah here.

Welcome to the fascinating and game changing Eclipse season. We are right now in the middle of the New Moon Aries Eclipse as I write this to you from Bali. We just returned from a week off the island to another remote island called Sumba, which reminded me of what Bali might have been like 50 years ago. 

Ancient 1000+ year old villages, no ocean pollution to be seen and you really feel like you are at the edge of wilderness. 

This Eclipse will bring a new wilderness like energy to our lives, bringing many blessings and break throughs in our lives that we have perhaps been praying for a long time. Change is now at our door step this week. New Beginnings can also mean endings of things that we need to move on from. Solar Eclipses are special types of New Moons, they inspire us to let go of the past and start writing a different story.

This Eclipse cycle is supporting you in ending old patterns and moving old energy specifically with family, siblings... we have an opportunity to see all of our relationships in a new light. For ages, people have interpreted a Solar Eclipse as a sign from nature that change is in the air... it is a clear omen that something extremely significant is about to happen. What was your reaction to that? Do. you feel excited about it or are you feeling anxiety or worry?

Trust that you have done the work and/or are doing the work right now to reclaim your power... you are ready, trust!!  The entire Zodiac begins with Aries, New Moons mean new beginnings. It is a VERY SPECIAL TIME. It's time to let the worry go and count our blessings. We are in the process of initiating in a new energy and it is a very good time for gratitude for our wellbeing, to bring even more good feelings into our everyday lives.

This is a time to sing, to dance, to write, and definitely a time to go within. Whatever projects or ideas you have started over the past month have been energized and will be culminating into the new energy starting with this eclipse. Of course a lot of what I am saying now you have probably already experienced over the past few weeks.

There is a lot to make sense of right now as Mercury will also go retrograde the day after the eclipse which will cause us to really go within and look at the inner work we have been doing to integrate it before we move forward into this new energy. This is a very assertive Aries total eclipse New Moon. I am planning on taking it really slow this week to watch and see what is naturally arising. The planets involved in this eclipse are all very passionate planets. I saw it in how my kids were being today, so emotional and passionate about just about everything.

The trick through this energy is to channel it to your creative ventures, the ones your future self will thank you for later! We will experience and feel the divine feminine and sacred masculine merge in new ways within ourselves. Communications will be deep in our relationships. This is a great opportunity to get clear and to let of the past energies so we can really arrive into this very potent time we are in.

We will be driven to empower ourselves during this time, to get in more control of our lives... meaning we might be moving out of situations where we are being controlled... and into situations where we have more freedom and more choices/decisions. Eclipses are generally quite fast and unpredictable, one could say they are disruptors. From this space, we can ask ourselves what exactly in our lives needs to be disrupted so that we can really move forward in our lives?

The first and most impactful thing we can do is look at our morning routines, our evening rituals, our day to day habits, are you on the social media too much? Do you find yourself distracting yourself?

Are you allergic to a certain kind of food that you constantly eat? What daily ways of being can you disrupt right now? I am teaching a workshop today and will be diving into the energy of this all on my livekick channel, link here. You can watch it live or recorded. I hope to see some of you there! Click here to watch the replay.


Love, Myrah www.myrahpenaloza.com

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