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Article: Treating yourself with sleepwear

Treating yourself with sleepwear

Treating yourself with sleepwear

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I want to let you in on a little secret…

Sleepwear is not only for night-time. Sleepwear means anytime of the day you want to relax and play with freedom. 

If you know the Myrah Penaloza collection, you know my designs are all about ease and grace wherever you go. If you feel restricted in your clothing, you’re going to feel restricted in your life. I love wearing sleepwear, and I base my designs on beautiful simplicity and flow. 

The four steps to choosing the right sleepwear:

Firstly you must see it and love it. There’s no point investing in an outfit that doesn’t bring you joy or extreme comfort. It’s a waste of resources both financially for you and environmentally for the planet. If you put on an outfit and it creates a positive feeling - go for it!

Secondly, set an intention. What will you use this sleepwear for? Is it for rest or comfort? Play and creativity, or fun and flirtiness? If you can picture yourself doing something wonderful in it, you know you have the right sleepwear. 

Thirdly, how practical is it? If you’re a new mama and you’re breastfeeding at night, you want a comfortable outfit which allows you to simply lift up your top or pull it down to feed your baby. If you’re in a cold climate, sleepwear with long sleeves will keep you warm at night. Equally if you’re in a hot climate, sleepwear that is free flowing and allows air to get through will help you to not wake up in hot flushes. 

Lastly, what is the material made out of? Sleepwear has to be soft on your skin and made to last. Cheap fabrics can cause irritations on the skin, damage the environment and break easily. Each outfit in the Myrah Penaloza collection is made sustainability and is of high quality that nurtures and comforts your body during sleep and play. 

Things to do in sleepwear, other than sleep!

  1. Rest 

In order for our bodies and brains to regenerate cells, we must rest. This can be reading a book, watching a movie or simply having a nap. Anything that makes you feel relaxed, centres yourself and recharges your batteries in healthy ways can be done in sleepwear.

  1. Play 

Play is the ultimate form of freedom. Therefore you have to feel free in your clothing and in yourself to actively play like a child (or with your children). Jumpsuits and playsuits are great for joining in games, playing in the forms of dancing or singing, as well as playing with your partner in the bedroom. 

  1. Create 

Similar to playing, feeling free is a vital part of creativity. If you’re an artist, you want your sleepwear to reflect the free flow of creativity coming through your soul. If you paint you want to do so without thinking of your clothing (or ruining it), if you write you want to be able to sit down comfortably for a long period of time and if you direct or teach classes you want to move in a way that's flexible and easy.

  1. Mediate 

Meditation can come in many different forms. Whether that’s yoga, self-meditation, journaling or going for a long walk to settle your mind. I teach my Kundalini Yoga Classes, and my moon ceremonies in sleepwear that make me feel comfortable and relaxed. 


Some people love to sleep naked as it allows their body to breathe at night. The great thing about sleepwear is that it isn’t just for bedtime, it can be used from sun up till sunset. Treating yourself to comfortable sleepwear is an investment in yourself, and treating others to sleepwear is a magical gift idea. 

By changing into sleepwear, you’re saying yes to comfort, kindness and freedom.

To take a look at the full Myrah Penaloza Sleepwear collection click here. 

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