The prosperous qualities of the color green. + Sneak Peak at Myrah Penaloza Fall 2022 (Video)...

This season we are bringing in the rich colors of the season. Each piece is essentially a multi season piece however we wanted to bring forward colors that amplify our everyday lives in communion with mother nature.

One of our feature colors this season is Forest Green. The color green represents growth. 

Springtime is green, fall is also green. 

The Heart Chakra color is green.

Money is green.

The color of prosperity is also green.

Everything on the planet earth is part of a current. 
Prosperity is about tuning into this current-cy.
“Currency – Money is a current of energy on the planet that I can be prosperous inside of. You are supposed to be rich in all forms. Have more energy. You should comfortable inside of the flow of it. Money relates to the glands in the brain, that secretes a green juice – like spring. Yogies should have prosperity. You’re supposed to give, wherever there is opportunity. “Thank you for the opportunity to give.” Can you say yes to give?”

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