Reclaiming Friday the 13th for the divine feminine

Sat nam and greetings on a very fortunate and special day.
Friday the 13th has been a day that many have fears around bad luck and bad fortunes happening on this day and I wanted to share with you an alternative reality to consider.
Today is Friday the 13th and it is the first of only 2 happening this entire year.
What happened with the number 13? & Why is it considered unlucky?
In essence, the ruling powers of the planet, the patriarchy really wanted to eliminate the 13 frequency as it is a number that connects us to the divine feminine.
In the Piscean era, the divine feminine was suppressed in every way possible.
As such, we were made to be afraid of it. As many in power were afraid of the power that women can hold. We see this playing out globally as we enter the Aquarian age over the next 7 years of this decade.
When you eliminate #13 we eliminate the Moon Cycle.
We have 13 Moon Cycles a year, yet only 12 months? Why?
The Gregorian calendar isn't really a calendar that aligns with nature and her cycles.
In fact the word, Calen-dar, in ancient Roman times, translates to Calen = Schedule of payment, Dar = of taxes. Calendar actually means Schedule of Payment of Taxes. So the plot thickens and yet today on this beautiful Friday the 13th, we have an opportunity to reclaim the divine feminine.
In nature, the number 13 is connected to the light and dark.
This is a trend we are seeing worldwide that we are starting to recognize that we all have a light and dark side, this was an energy that was suppressed before, along with the power of the # 13.
Yes, we all have a shadow side and a positive side to embrace. This is the power of the number 13 and reclaiming our divine feminine.
13 is the number of the divine feminine.
13 Lunations a year.
13 Feminine Cycles a year.
13 Weeks in each of the 4 seasons of the year.
M is the 13th letter, so is MOTHER, the ultimate divine feminine.
The #4 governs the 4 season +
4 directions, bringing us to an experience of wholeness when we embrace #13.
The moon cycles are aligned with earthly season's which are connected to divine feminine.
When we took this # 13 energy away, we lost our ability to accept our shadow and light in our lives. We created a suppression of this very natural and powerful frequency across the globe.
The good news is, we can through conversation, ritual and understanding bring this divine feminine energy back to the planet. Together. You, me, our community of sisters, entrepreneurs, coaches, teachers, leaders, every day moms, single parents, whatever you are, wherever you are, it's time to embrace and bring a celebration to this beautiful day. Friday the 13th.
Planet Venus rules friday!
In english, friday, also translates to Freya, the norse goddess connected to freedom.
Venus has 13 cycles as well which is a key to this entire picture which all points to the return of the divine feminine energy in our lives to bring balance, love, harmony, abundance and flow.
Mars Retrograde ends this week
You will certainly feel a shift of energy this week as Mars goes direct for the first time in 2.5 months. Add to the fact that Venus and Mars are trine, it will bring a harmonious, affectionate and sweet connection feeling between the masculine and feminine.
It's a great time to let go, to have deep conversations and to feel your creativity on fire. Let it flow loves...
Truly, by the end of this month you will feel a major shift of energy. Don't let any obstacles get you down, stay in your light, clear your heart space and trust!
Today, I am going to sit in meditation and then write out what new rituals are calling me on this very special day for the divine feminine, Friday the 13th, a day we celebrate our connection to nature, venus, all of the ancient goddesses and the divine feminine.

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