Passionate Water Sign Scorpio New Moon Eclipse is here - Workshop RSVP

 Satnam loves,



Myrah here and yes you are probably already feeling the energy of the upcoming Partial New Moon Eclipse...



I know my kids are certainly feeling it already. Being in Bali, the energy of the nearby Volcanoes always amplifies what is happening in the stars.



This is an exciting time as this is the first eclipse of the second half of the year which also happens to be landing on the New Moon in Scorpio at 3:49am PST. Eclipses amplify things to their maximum .



Some of you took the Venus Gate workshop with me and Robindra this weekend and you will know that the wonderful planet of Venus is also very much influencing our lives right now.



Venus represents love, Venus helps us see our relationships in a creative way.


Scorpio is a water sign and this new moon will take us into the deep waters to help us uncover truths.


The passionate Scorpio energy will have us investigating situations to their core. Scorpio transforms and discovers the truth, it eliminates everything that has gotten old, it helps us see the unseen and makes it visible for us to take action on.


The major work for this time for all of us will be not to over react to whatever is coming up and being revealed.


We are being given an advanced teaching about staying in the neutral space, not positive, not negative, not left or right, right or wrong, just simple right in the middle, so that we can remain focused on the present moment.


The present moment is where we have access to our power, to our connection to spirit and to our connection to our own intuition.


The Sun, Moon and Venus are aligned with Jupiter at this time.


Jupiter expands us, and is filled with wisdom... a kind of wisdom that comes from a very broad bird's eye view.


Jupiter is closer to earth than it has been in 50 years! 


Right now.


What a grand divine moment we are all in right now!


I hope you can join me for a workshop to come together and really utilize the energy of this New Moon to design a life we truly love, together!


RSVP here.





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