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Article: Numerology of 2023 reveals these key life hacking gems

Numerology of 2023 reveals these key life hacking gems

Numerology of 2023 reveals these key life hacking gems

Sat nam loves,  how are you feeling post Leo Full Moon? 
It certainly feels like a major time of change.  Remember that all the changes that are coming up for you are a blessing in one way or another.
A closed door means 1000 other doors are opening for you, even if you don't see them at this very moment, trust that the true meaning will be revealed for you in due time.
As we are now firmly entered the 2020's we are about to fully enter the 4th year.  2023, 2024, 2025 are pivotal years for this decade.
Looking at the numerology of 2023.... here's some insights to the energy of the year.
23 reduces to 5.

5 is a pivotal number, the bridge between the lower and higher foundational numbers.

5 the number five sits on a rocker, it faces both sides, it is the middle number....

5 sees everything

5 is at the top of mountain... looking and sharing with us which way to go in life.

5 welcomes change

5 is about being fearless

5 is about being open and neutral to change

5 helps us see the past and future

5 helps us makes quick decisions

5 is flexible

5 creates many opportunities for us and its going to be quite the exciting year all around. 

5 is very much about having fun and it encourages us to have connection with others!

5 is about moving away from the digital world of connection back to actual real life connections..
2+0+2+3= 7 which makes 2023 a 7 universal year.
7 is a seeker of wisdom
7 is about taking quiet time to listen
7 is about exploring your inner sanctuary, for wisdom, doing your own research
7 is about getting inspired
7 is the symbol of heaven, as it symbolizes change
7 shows us that there will be many out of the blue unexpected shifts, changes and opportunities that we will see this year. 
The best way for us all to deal with these changes is to continuously tune into our intuition.
7 helps  us develop our spiritual nature
7 helps us hear our inner voice
7 will make community more of a spiritual kind.  It is not a straight line.
7 is about spending time in nature for divine connection... hugging a tree, having a way of being connected to stars at night, going outside at night, putting feet on the ground, feeling the wind, the rain, the full moon and new moon deeply.
The final major number from the year is the number 23. 
In numerology 23 is also called the Royal star of the lion.
23 is the strongest number in all of numerology!  Which is a big indication of the type of year that is in front of us right now.
23 is about the lion, the king of animal kingdom which brings us confidence and courage.  We will have to tap into our inner confidence and strength and we will be supported in doing so all year long.
23 is very inspiring and motivational, that  YES you can stand your ground and have no excuses.
23 says that this year, you are taking your power back!
I hope you found this information helpful.  I have been obsessed with the stars and numbers the past few years and they have helped us navigate our decisions and lives accordingly.
Enjoy loves, happy weekend.

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