New Moons are an opportunity for a fresh start... Scorpio Musings and Inspirations

Satnam Loves, Myrah and Robindra here.
We are sharing a part 2 to our New Moon Guide as there is so much to share.  These posts are created by both of us to bring in downloads from both the masculine and feminine perspective. We hope you enjoy, here we go...
First, we want you to be riding into that deep inner sense of silence during this New Moon, it’s super important!
Schedule more time right now for writing in your journal, sipping tea in silence, meditation, meditation post your work out, yoga, meditation first thing in the morning and all the things you do to connect with your deep inner sense of silence.
New moons are the beginnings of a new cycle.
New Moons arrive every month and she allows us to reset and refresh, begin fresh, embody that feeling of newness in our lives.  It is a time that we can have every month to initiate a Fresh Start. 
Usually Fresh Starts are New Years Day, Post Birthday, Post Anniversaries… however if we follow mother nature’s cycles closer, she gifts us a Fresh Start every month. 
It is said that we perform much better during the fresh start.  Think of how many people are pumped for the first 3-4 weeks of the New Year.  Let’s use this same energy and apply it every month.  Then if we dive deeper into the star sign and its impact we can really begin to see the cycles and work our energy to be in the highest vibrational space during these pivotal times. 
We will have Uranus energy with us during this new moon cycle which means we will experiences unexpected spontaneous experiences and new beginnings. 
Know that there will be some spontaneous energy surges during the week next week with the new moon.
You will feel curious. 
There will be a great focus on freedom. 
There will be a great call to to action to empower yourself. 
To liberate whatever it is that you perceive is holding you back,
As the new moon energy arrives, there can be some nervous energy to it… sometimes there can be some disruptions to your day day way of being. 
Your thoughts will quicken.
November is a 7 universal month. In numerology 7 deals with the realm of your mind. 
This will be a time to be decisive, to make quick decisions, to be consciously aware of your intuitive insights.
What is the awakening for?
We are stepping into a place where we “feel" to live our life on our terms.
We are uncovering the truth that was hidden, unconscious in the past. 
Scorpio New Moon allows us to see these secrets.  
Scorpio allows us to see where our own inner resources are currently aligned.
Scorpio will allow you get in touch with that.
Remember loves, what you attract is first created within. 
Once you create that INNER HARMONY. Then whatever it is you wish to have / be in alignment will naturally come to you.
The beauty of this New Moon in Scorpio is that it will show you exactly what’s in the way, what you are aligning with that's not supportive of your vision and help you clear space to clear it out of the way so that you will be able to Manifest and create what you wish!
This is the point of life right loves? 
To Express Your Divinity!  This was one of the major intentions behind the Myrah Penaloza Collection was to share art that left women feeling beautiful, natural, regal and DIVINE!  Because from this space we can create just about anything!
It’s through beauty… through friends.. through the simple pleasure of life that we create building blocks to raise our vibration and create the live we really want to live.  
It all begins and ends in FEELING. 
This is a time for us to express great patience as there is such a divide in how to deal with the big C.  It is separating families, relationships, friendships.  
We have to be patience, and share the journey and respect and honour that everyone is unique. 
There is no need for us to separate from others.   If you disagree with them its ok, that is a part of life.  Don’t cancel them, please!  Tap into your rebel heart and go beyond the human mind created disorder.
The New Moon will bring a sense of open mindedness.  It’s time to FLOW loves. Be OPEN.
Be Optimistic. 
Communicate clearly. Communicate slowly.  Communicate in a positive way.
We will have this sense now with Jupiter in Aquarius
Take advantage of this joyful energy in Aquarius, it is giving us this sense that liberation brings joy!
In music.
It's the rest between the notes that lets us understand the mystery.
In silence, creation happens.
Scorpio is a deep water sign.
Silence is in the deepest waters of the ocean.
This is where creation happens.
If you want abundance, that sense of abundance, know that it is already within you. 
You deserve it. 
You already have it. 
You just have to tune into it. 
We have this infinite abundant universe.
And we have infinite abundance that’s available to us.
Tuning in with a chattering mind is not possible.  
Coming into vibrational alignment with abundance requires us to appreciate it.
Through gratitude which is done in silence, we tap in and activate EVERYTHING!
If you give yourself permission to go there, your feelings will shift.
You will change your emotions, it will change your actions...
you’ve now aligned through action, through feeling, through thought.
Alas, manifestation beyond your dreams occurs.
It’s happened for me and my little family over and over again this past 2 years. 
It hasn’t been easy, but it’s this exact knowing and formula that has helped us design and live a life we truly love!
This is it.
Got it?
This is a moment to cherish!
This a moment of great healing!
This is a moment to get out of the rut! (YES THIS NEW MOON!)
You can do something about anything that happens in your life.
Your interaction with the world, comes from how you feel within.
It's like your a magnet for what it is you focus on, what you are resonating from the inside is what you will see outside.
New Moon in Scorpio is evolving us all into this very compassionate experience water like experience. 
Connecting us all. 
Coming up is an eclipse season and the first of 2 are coming up!
Do not worry, we will be here with you EVERY STEP of the way. 
If you made it this far and are still reading, wow. Thank you I hope it has been inspiring for you and I hope to connect with you all very soon. 
Btw, the new moon is on November 4th in just a few days. 
Myrah, Robindra and Family!

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