My 3 Tarot Deck Pull for 2022 - Transformation, Mirror, Birthing the New Age

Satnam loves, happy new year, happy one more time around the sun revolution.
I was sitting for a long 2 hour meditation and tea sit and I felt inspired to do a 3 card tarot deck card pull from Rebecca Campbell's "Work your Light" tarot and I felt that the messages were more universal than just for me. I asked about what to expect and how to navigate 2022. Here's the 3 cards I pulled.
1. Card of Transformation
I really resonated with this card and message as it reminds us that we are all changing and transforming right now and we are doing it at a cellular level.
You are not who you were a year ago, or who you will be soon.
You are, we are, In Between... half risen, half fallen.
It's a reminder to keep doing the work, even if if feels like you may or may not be making major progress. Trust me loves, you totally are! You are here and now and I'm in awe of what's possible this year.
We will all look back at the beginning of this year in awe. What is happening in your inner world is ready to be released. It is time to release old ways of being where trauma will no longer be the driving force of your life.
Your old childhood patterns are rising up through triggers you may experience in your day to day life. Take time to slow down and make note of them as they arise. Adding new tools to your healing toolbox could be a great new years resolution to help you release these old ways of being.
For me, I'm taking a course in EFT, emotional freedom technique as a new modality to utilize for my healing journey.
It is time to release old ways of being that have kept you in fight/flight or freeze mode.
We have a new year upon us and it's time to choose a new way of being.
You are being called to new ways to self soothe, self heal and empower yourself to move forward in a very transformative way.
I know it is the beginning of a new year... however if it is healing at the deepest level that we are seeking... then instead of rushing out of the starting gates let's slow down.
A message my hubby @Robindra often shares in his entrepreneur workshops is to "Slow Down to Speed Up". Do not put pressure to perform.. Instead, look for ways to shift your diet in a way that supports you.
It's the perfect time to be getting energetic healing support, some kind of emotional support... know that you are deeply loved.
I NOW ALLOW myself to receive the deepest healing and transformation to change at a cellular level. I AM READY. I AM LOVE. I AM. I AM.
The second card that I pulled that I felt was so relevant for everyone as we begin the new year was the card of "The Mirror"
2. Mirror
In regards to the mirror energy, look at who or what is triggering you.
The filter of our own experience is how we experience life 90% of the time.
We experience life not as it is, but as it is through our own projections of how they are...
There is a saying, we do not see the world as it is, we see it as WE ARE.
When someone reminds us of an unhealed experience, we get triggered.
Often it's an unconscious thing.
People in situations can trigger our mirror to reflect back to us what we believe to be true about life.
About the universe and ourselves!
Mirrors can point out our shadow and our light.
Mirrors reveal the parts of ourselves that are yet to be accepted, witnessed or loved.
This card is guiding you to reflect on what people are currently triggering in you and what
they could be mirroring back to you.
When have you felt like this before?
Could they be opportunities to heal something in you?
Or are they shining a light on something that longs to be in you?
Who or what is triggering you?
What is it in you that they are triggering?
What part of you longs to be witnessed?
Deep questions to go deep and slow into this January.
The third and final card I pulled today was the
3. "Birthing a new age" card.
This message is about birthing new creations.
Dreaming a new world into being.
Often our path is exactly the one we don't feel prepared to walk, walk it anyway.
Often what is rising feels far bigger than what we can possibly hold.
Be a container for it anyway! (WOW RIGHT?? When I read this, I almost fell to the floor, it is so relevant for all of us right now).
Often our creation seems to have a wild uncontrollable consciousness of their own, birth them anyway!
Often what is ours to be is the very thing  that most intimidates us, be courageous and do it anyways
We are birthing a new age.
Right here and now.
We are in a transition period between Aquarian and Pisces.
We need to release old identities using our intuition as a compass.
We are a part of a group of souls who have been incarnated at significant parts of history.
Preparing for that exact time for dreaming a new world into being.
It is time to give permission and space for this wild and almost unbelievable way to be born.
We are dreaming a new world into being.
I am open to surrendering to the creations that are ready to be born.
May I be of service in a way that delights my mind, body and soul.
Please lead me
Please show me the way...
These words from Rebecca, I had to share as they really resonated with me, I hope this leaves you with a sense of clarity, direction and optimism.
2022 is a year that consists of three #2's and one 0 zero.
With the number 2, we will discover the importance of connection and resonance.
This triple activation of the number 2 is powerful. It is about us coming together as 1.
Your relationship with spirit, source and life force vitality.
Since 3  two's add up to 6, you are resonating with love. 6 energy brings you into your heart center which allows you to connect to the source of everything.
When you are in resonance with the divine, your life just FLOWS!
This is the year about resonating with LOVE and staying on this path will be your FLOW!
We don't need to force anything.
Playfulness will be the key, we all need to play more, there is too much controlled confusion in the world and people don't even realize they are not living a life of joy because they are attached to the drama... and in doing so forgotten the true source of life and what it feels like to be alive.
Let's keep connecting loves... through joy, laughter and play.
Happy New Years and I cannot wait to connect with you all soon. If you did take my last class there will be a replay being sent to you as my internet connection dropped out near the end. I'll be sharing that soon.
Also, p.s ! We just released our new Slow and Steady Collection and new pieces are going live every other day. Do check them out, I'm really excited about this new release.
Love Love Love
Myrah & Robindra

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