I love mercury retrograde (said almost no one ever)... how to move from survival to thriving during this time.

Mercury Retrograde Love! 

I love mercury retrograde (said almost no one ever)...

Satnam loves, is anyone out there feeling Mercury Retrograde out there? We just finished moving our entire office to a new location + moved our home into storage in preparation for our move to Bali in December. It was one of the hardest things I've done, well since the birth of our baby boy Hero just 3 months ago. Watching from the outside in, its a head scratcher...

Why would you build a home, to so quickly take it apart and move on?  For us it's all been many years in the making to be able to leave my hubby's home town in Canada during the winter for warm healing weather in Bali. I'm currently only 3 months post partum and the idea of a cold winter didn't feel too healing for us. So like the buddhist sand mandala rituals, we are treating this move just like that. It's a reminder of the temporary nature of material existence. Buddhists also believe that a ritual like this is deeply healing and cleansing. So here goes!

Mercury Retrograde is here.  Do you feel it?  We certainly do right about now, so many things we had prepared somehow went missing in our move. Being on the road with everything in storage feels quite vulnerable right about now, especially during a Mercury Retrograde, everything that could go wrong did and well here we are on the other side of it all. 

Why do we love Mercury Retrograde?

It's a time that naturally calls us to dig deep, it can feel like a lot of stress. For me right now, I feel like the caterpillar right before she turns into a butterfly. EVERYTHING, seems to be falling apart and yet at the sametime it's all coming together, mercury retrograde will amplify this feeling and inspire you to do the work. The meditations, the practise, your sadhana, your work is calling for you to get started. 

There is much less mental clutter during this time, so as Tashi Powers recently shared on RA MA TV, you won't be  "mad"itating as much. The question that comes up during this time is how do we fit our Social Life to help serve our Spiritual Life?  

What small course corrections can we take to put our path back into alignment with the prosperity and abundance that is naturally already here?  I just finished filming a 3 part workshop series called Radiant Alignment Meditations to help you and I work through this transformational time!

I am so excited to share with you a Free 21 Day Series called the Radiant Alignment Meditations that launches this Friday to help you move through this Mercury Retrograde Victoriously. 

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Let's discuss how you can move from Survival Mode to Thriving Mode during the Mercury Retrograde.

Right now, I would recommend if you want to move into a thriving mode during mercury retrograde we have to let of our consumption based habits. 

Here's 5 things you can do to move from Survival To Thriving During Mercury Retrograde.

1. Stop Reacting to life and move towards things that bring you and others joy.

Notice when you are doing things out of reacting, and start doing things that bring you Joy. i.e reaching for instagram to pass time, vs reaching for instagram to share a live IG video about your insights on your current life experiences or your expertise. 

2. Give More. We are truly in a wonderful world when we are sharing our gifts, offer your friend an hour of your time to help them with a project, a move, something that you know they would really appreciate your help with. Donate things you no longer use directly to women's shelters in your community. 

3. Move your attention from what you can "get" and "have" in life to PASSION.

Try bringing an idea you have to life, what makes you passionate about life, what could you do, what trip could you take, or maybe simply deciding to sleep in a few extra days a week could help boost your levels of passion in your life. 

4. Meditate!  This is an easy one as mercury retrogrades can be trying times for us in many ways, lucky for us our mental chatter during this time also goes down, use this time to step into your sadhana, your daily meditation and personal yoga/meditation practise.

5. Notice the things that you distract yourself with. Do you check your phone right after yoga? Do you check your phone first thing in the morning? Are you fully present when you are eating dinner, lunch and breakfast? 

If you said yes to any of these, try working on expressing yourself more.  Do you write? Do you make art? Do you paint? What form of creative expression can you take on now that will help you thrive during this Mercury Retrograde?

You got this loves. I believe in you.





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