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Article: Manifesting Something Extraordinary

Manifesting Something Extraordinary

Manifesting Something Extraordinary

Sat Nam loves Myrah here.
As I sit here writing to you the download and message I am getting is to use this week to amplify self love to gain confidence and courage in who we are being in the world right now.
Manifest Something Extraordinary
The message is to use your confidence to manifest something extraordinary for yourself this week, go beyond your norm, make that phone call, send that email, ask for what you really want and need right now. 
We are supported this week in stars primarily with Venus energy which is sextile to Uranus and then moving into Leo over the weekend.
Uranus is about allowing your creativity to flow this week. Writing, dancing, playing and doing things slightly differently. If you usually work from home, change it up, put yourself in a busy cafe or a co-working place to put yourself in the flow of energy of the collective.
Venus this week will highlight fortunate outcomes in terms of financial flow and seeing the beauty in our lives already. Gratitude will give you altitude this week. 
Loves, really take a moment to soak in what is already here and give thanks to all the WINS!  
Start a new page in your journal for all the small wins, write them all down and train yourself to notice the wins and document them.
This will turn the entire process into a positive win/win game for your subconscious mind to operate from and attract to you even more fortunate happenings.
Venus then trines Neptune highlighting beauty, music, art, travel artistry, tenderness and love. 
If you have had an intuitive yearning to travel somewhere in the world. Cook the food from there, play the music from there, wear the colors from there. Start to draw it into your life now. For me this is India, Spain and Mexico, all are calling me so I will be playing music from there to feel it and appreciate it now.
Date Night Thursday!
Neptune connects you to spirit and its presence this Thursday makes it an incredible day of love and the perfect night for Date Night! At home, make sure you call your parents, your friends and kiddos and tell them how much you love them.
There is a stronger current of energy coming next week and we will start to feel it this week. You may feel a little extra emotional over the weekend so make sure to schedule time to move your body and plan to do things that ground you before the big energetic week next week.
Big Energy Week Next Week
Next week it feels like there is this disruptive cracking open energy happening. It's going to get us to do things differently and that's a good thing. 
New energy
New shifts
New possibilities
New Material
New Inspirations
Stay open to whatever is arising for you. 
It may feel like anxiety in your solar plexus but if you can breath through it and remain in the blessing, you will see how this Venus/Leo energy happening over the weekend and early next week is here to help you change.
Mid July and beyond has an energy of intense creative change...
Everyone will move through it a different way. Expect situations to arise that give you ego deaths... humbling moments that remind us to simplify and let go of expectations.
Certain things are not working and some of these things we need to be more patient with and some things we need to be discerning and potentially let go of....
July is a pivotal month and it's right on time. It won't be easy but I truly believe if you stay focused and do the work that you are intuitively being led to do, the work will pay off!
Expect brilliant new insights.
Expect miracles every day.
You deserve it and you are ready!
Myrah & Robindra

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