How to navigate the upcoming Mars Retrograde Oct 30th - Jan 12th...

Satnam loves Myrah here.
It's truly starting to feel like the Aquarian Age has arrived.  
The move from the Piscean age where community and our sense of connection to spirit was through the church or a person like a guru is now passing the torch to the new age Aquarian times where empowerment of the individual expression is slowly taking hold of our attention.
This past New Moon Eclipse, for the first time in my entire life my father even called me to ask about what's happening in the stars. Usually he would call talk about astrology a bit too woo woo for him, but now even our elder generations are tuning into the change that is happening. People are noticing and the time has come to be more in alignment with nature's cycles to powerfully move forward in our lives. 
We have a very powerful Mars Retrograde that begins on October 30th and it will last until January 12th, 2023.
Again, this will initiate another series of changes in our lives. In nature, the river carries and cleans all things on its way to the ocean.
Just like that.... we are being cleaned, purged of ways of being that are no longer serving us. The empowerment you will feel more and more of in the next 2 months is through the changes you will be experiencing.
Mars sparks passion and this will be more of an internal experience because it is in retrograde. We will feel the call to go within to purify, clean and remove past experiences and emotions that are stuck in our system. Going into the retrograde we want to get clear on where we want to focus our energy on, as we will have the opportunity for major forward momentum.
Mars in Gemini  Another interesting aspect of this alignment is that the entire retrograde will be in Gemini. Gemini is about how we think about our lives and how we speak to ourselves and the world around us.
Mars is a freedom planet, when her energy is with us we are truly going to be called to what freedom looks like to us.
With Mars being in retrograde this freedom is going to be birthed from your inner world. We can do a lot of deep pranayama breathing over the next 2 months to help ground ourselves. I will be sharing meditations and goto exercises you can do during this time next week.
If there are things that are triggering you over the next 2 months, you will want to use these triggers as ways to become more self aware.
Ah yes, this is upsetting because.... I see I hold this or that idea in my mind a lot... My friend is really getting me mad because...
Use the retrograde to bring all of these triggers into your own space to work out. 
You might feel like lashing out or getting upset with the outer world, however the way through at this time is to look at it and not project it out to the outer world.
I am not saying to not feel, I am saying to feel it all and then get it out in your yoga class, by hitting your pillow if you need, or best of all by dancing it off.
Keep a journal and stay super active. You will get through this and you can learn so much about what has been holding you back.
Mars retro will be a time where you can take time to regroup, revise, and adjust any emotions that you haven't been able to process.
Mars rules passionate relationships and passion you will certainly feel. Your edge and way to get ahead in this time will be through your ability to weather your emotional storm, slow it down and become the observer of it, once you observe it, use your tools, your practises, your yoga to move the energy through.
Loves, I get this is all much to process. I will keep it simple from there and know that I will be sharing all the tools I am using to passionately move through this transformative last 2 months of the year over the coming weeks.  I'll share a few youtube videos, IG lives and whatever other way I can to connect and be there with you. 
Part 2 coming your way soon!
Have a wonderful weekend,

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