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Article: Full Moon Virgo a sign about healing brings many blessings on February 24th

Full Moon Virgo a sign about healing brings many blessings on February 24th

Full Moon Virgo a sign about healing brings many blessings on February 24th

Sat Nam loves,  Myrah here.
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On Feb 24th, we will have our 2nd Full Moon of the year this time in Virgo
I am a double Virgo so it is something that is quite close to my heart and life.
I can already feel the intensity of the energy shift today.
As always the energy at first can be a bit jarring you might feel agitated or someone around is probably feeling that way. It's ok. Let it pass and focus on Self Care this week..
Virgo is the sign of Healing and it's about practical grounding. Book yourself in for a Sauna treatment, IV treatment, light therapy, whatever is in your tool box, allow Virgo to bring in the healing that you need right now.
Certainly the theme that will come up for all of us is what's working and not working.
Virgo can help us usher in new approaches and new solutions.
If something isn't working, this is when we can shift and pivot to the next best thing.
The Full Moon will illuminate something for us to take action on.
Virgo energy gives us the diligence and the necessary follow thru energy to make things alive and real in our lives.
Virgo wants to make sure things run well and run efficiently.
Walk barefoot
Be outside more.
Let the sun shine on your face for a few mins a day...
Slow down, drink your tea, slow down be conscious of the air you are breathing.
Remember that amongst it's intensity the Full Moon is a time to celebrate to completion of a cycle and all that has already showed up for you right here and now. Gratitude and humbleness are doors we need to keep open during these times.
Full Moon In Virgo reminds us to celebrate our growth, our progress.
Virgo is about mastering self awareness, it's about having compassion and being there to uplift others.
Virgo is an earth sign which is very grounded.
The Full Moon on February 24th is happening at 4:30am PST.
2.24.2024.... repetition of 2-24 which in numerology is about love and intimate connection (2).
Interestingly it adds up to 8 which is about strength courage, leadership and feeling empowered from within.
Virgo loves personal growth, so do take note and celebrate all the ways you are making changes and transforming in your life.
This is a time to double down on the things that are working and to remove the things that are not working.
Ok so how do i navigate this deep and intense energy??
With the Saturn, Sun, Mercury conjunction that is also happening during the full moon the energy will steer us to focus
on what really matters.
The nitty gritty of everyday habits, routines and our schedules is where we need to focus.
Saturn really integrates and cements what it is we are putting our attention on.
Make sure to pay attention during this full moon window on things that you really want in your life.
Create structure visually for your dreams to come true.
What is it that you would like to manifest that is also in alignment with your highest good?
Remember the intensity will also bring a silver lining of joy and expansion.
You can embark on a wonderful new project.
Career, growth and entrepreneurship are all aspects that will be illuminated by the Full Moon Virgo.
You are inspired by mother earth.
What is good for her.
Is good for you.
This is a time to get rooted in earth, be outside, walk with the tree's, look at the blue sky.
The world is not ending.
The Full Moon Virgo is going to help you organize your world in a healing, loving way.
Virgo is an energy that likes everything in its place, seeing how the pieces fit together and it creates healing.
Here is some really GOOD NEWS!
The Full Moon will also be Trine Jupiter.
The Sun will be sextile Jupiter which will bring us a lot of blessings.
Keep your focus on continuing to uplift your life.
Be in a place that resonates with high vibrations.
Jupiter brings abundance, expansion, love and financial flow.
The message is clear.
Hold onto your highest vision for your life.
You can truly have it ALL loves.
And so it is!
Myrah & Robindra

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