Full Moon In Virgo reminds us to celebrate our growth and our progress

Sat Nam loves Myrah here.
Sharing this email with you to explore the upcoming Virgo Full Moon and ways to navigate this event with excitement and positivity.
I find if I'm not aware of where the moon is in it's cycle I can find myself in highs and lows of the energies that are in play in the stars. However, when I am precisely aware of what's happening I can truly use this information to plan and set up ways of being to take advantage of the energy that is available to us. 
We have a Full Moon in Virgo happening on March 7th with the Sun in Pisces. 
This is a double whammy as Saturn, one of the most impactful planets in our Galaxy is also moving into Pisces at the same time. 
Saturn enters Pisces IS ONE of the pivotal moments of the year.  
Saturn gives us a sense of reality. Saturn is the realist. 
Saturn is about trusting your inner guidance. 
Saturn is about trusting your connection to the mystery of the universe.
This means trusting that you are already on the right path. 
This means trusting that where you intuition has led you is exactly where you need to be right now. 
Saturn will help us during this time connect to nature and the natural flow of our lives. 
A spiritual cathartic Full Moon in Virgo on March 7th.
2023 in a 7 universal year.
7 unlocks a beautiful code to uncover. 
7 reminds us that heaven comes to earth through your intuition. 
7 is about sudden inspiration. 
7 represents a deep spiritual connection.
We have 7 days in a week, 7 light bodies and 7 main planets in our solar system.
7 IS a pivot point, that is here during this Full Moon portal.  Change is definitely in the air.
It's quite a power day as the Full Moon is happening at the same time as Saturn moving from Aquarius to Pisces.  To add to the spices, the Sun will also be in Pisces during the Full Moon.
What does that all mean??
Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, it marks completion.  The last push of any project, that last 5% is always the hardest and the effort it takes is cathartic as you will find a new kind of energy and momentum to carry everything else forward.
So if you are feeling anxiety or stress just know that THIS TOO SHALL PASS.
That on the other side of this Full Moon will be some major progress in your life. 
Saturn moving into Aquarius is one of the biggest astrological events of the year. 
Pluto is also at the end of its cycle that began in 2008.  Pluto is leaving Capricorn and entering Aquarius. 
All of this points to the fact that we are in a major moment of completion and transition.
So what can we do? 
We smile, we breath, we know what we are in for and we celebrate all the major and tiny ways we are progressing in our lives. 
Maybe that means that we have less toxic people around us, maybe that means that we have less things distracting us... maybe that means we are finding more and more like minded people on our path who are supportive and giving us feedback that yes we are on the right path.  
There are many signs, and life is always giving us many messages to listen to...  
The question is, are you listening? and more importantly are you taking action based on the messages that are appearing for you?
The full moon represents endings and completions. 
Take time to write down all the happenings of the past 60 days.  You will be quite amazed at what has actually occurred in such a short period of time. 
Full Moon's are a time to celebrate.
Full Moon In Virgo reminds us to celebrate our growth, our progress.
Virgo is about mastering self awareness, having compassion and being there to uplift others.
Virgo is a earth sign which is very grounded. 
Virgo loves logic and analysis as well.
Virgo wants to make sure things run well and run efficiently. 
Slow down, drink your tea, slow down be conscious of the air you are breathing.
Virgo loves personal growth, so do take note and celebrate all the ways you are making changes and transforming in your life.
Know that everything is happening to serve you and your highest calling.
What is happening is happening because it is supposed to right now. 
Most of all smile and dance like no one is watching this Full Moon on April 7th!

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