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Article: Flowing with the Full Moon in Pisces

Flowing with the Full Moon in Pisces

Flowing with the Full Moon in Pisces

Satnam loves, 
We are just a few days away from another powerful lunation as we enter into a Full Moon In Pisces. 
As always, I will be sharing a life workshop about how to harness and work with this energy.
Pisces is an intuitive sign. It is the sign of imagination and has no boundaries.
The major themes we will be working with are change, breakthroughs & flow.
Pisces will be asking are you in total resonance with your life and with whatever situation you are in?
Does the energy resonate?
Take a moment to journal what’s working and another list of whats not working.  It’s so good to dump the mind onto a piece of paper. Don’t look at it, don’t judge it, you don’t even have to read it, this exercise is just about getting it out.
Pisces will be asking are you in resonance with very specific situations that you are facing. 
Pisces is very musical, seeks harmony, calmness, this would be the perfect time to create a playlist that inspires you to dance, that inspires you to be zen, that inspires you to feel your heart.
Pisces is about peaceful living and this could be a really good time to take a 1-2 day break from your normal rituals and cycles and try something entirely new. 
Do you do yoga all the time?  
Try going to the gym or getting yourself into a body of water, river, lake, ocean, whatever is close to you.  
Pisces is a watery sign and helps us flow in our lives with ease and grace.
Surrender to love, surrender to your inner current of joy, peace and equanimity. 
The world may feel like it's falling apart and just remember the caterpillars experience right before she turned into a butterfly. That is what you might feel during this full moon. 
We all need to take a little time out from working too hard and take our foot off the gas petal and put it onto that lotus petal of our hearts. 
Let’s choose to step into stillness a little more often. 
Let’s put ourselves in that space where our spiritual nature meets our attention.
Your inner voice is calling you. 
Lets surrender to love. 
Let’s start putting our own priorities first.. you know.. your most high vibrational priorities first.
Earth is accelerating, we all know it, every person knows it, everyone is feeling everything speed up. 
However this full moon we can go in the opposite direction. 
Feet on the ground, hearts in the sky, mind in the body.
Whatever you are going through, know that you will make it through truly, truly, truly, truly, you got this loves.
Have a wonderful weekend and I can’t wait to share more about this full moon lunation with you in person / online next week. 

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