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Satnam friends, Robindra here (Myrah’s Husband).
Myrah asked me to share a little about entrepreneurship and more with our audience as I am the one behind the scenes making many dreams come true for our business and family. 
I have been an entrepreneur for over 20 years, yes I began super early at the tender age of 17.  From there I have learned so much about the art of designing a life you love.
One of the key aspects of designing your best life is to manage your time wisely. 
I am a student of success and in watching the wealthy it is clear that the wealthy value time more than money.  
Money can be made back however we cannot get back our time.
Time is the most valuable commodity on our planet.
To the wealthy, the the successful time is very precious.  What's your relationship to time?
Truly a shift can happen when we own our time. 
Would you rather tell your time to go or be wondering where all of your time went?
We truly create freedom in our lives through our command of time. 
Those who manage their time are truly setting themselves up for victory.
You are victorious. 
Repeat after me.  
The Gift of Time is true abundance
The truly wealthy people are the ones not with the most money, but they are the ones who see that time is a gift.
You cherish and value your time enough to slow down and take time to design your days.
When you see time as a gift you honour it and you design the right spaces in your day to enjoy your time the most.
Time can’t be replenished or restored. So let’s get designing!
This past year has felt a bit out of control.  With all the ongoing changes to the world it can feel disempowering. 
It’s time to take our control back of our lives and with that routines are the best way through. 
Routines are empowering.
Routines help us command our time.
Routines help us fill up our cup first with everything we need.
Then we can overflow with inspiration and give our best to the world.
The first thing to do is to design a morning routine. 
For me, I take it down from the very second I open my eyes and realize I am awake.
The first thing I do is follow my ABC’s.
A = Appreciate. I put myself into a magnetic powerful state of everything I’m grateful for including having another day.
B = I take a deep conscious breath. Then I take 10 more deep breaths with my eyes closed. If thoughts arise, I let them pass. This is all about creating a little 
magic space for you to begin to make good decisions for your day from the beginning. 
C= Celebrate.  I visualize and celebrate the glorious day I am about to have. 
Do you have a morning routine yet?  I try to redesign it every Sunday. To help serve my upcoming week.  Most of it stays the same however I do make subtle changes to improve and build upon the week prior.
Now it's time to design your Evening routine.  How do you want your day to end.  If you had all the $$ in the world and everything you need exactly how would your days end?
Would you be on your phone right until you fall asleep or would you prefer to be reading a book for an hour, reading books with your kids, sipping tea in silence or perhaps writing in your journal? 
Productivity is about doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.
Mantra: Productivity is the pathway to design my ideal life
Do you every find yourself saying, I feel overwhelmed?
Quite often that is a self inflicted sign that you are not managing your time properly. 
One thing you can do is establish boundaries.  
Boundaries with friends, family, work peers and especially your usage of social media.
Boundaries dissipate that feeling of overwhelm.
Allot of their overwhelm is about not establishing boundaries with the tools they interaction with daily and the people they interact with daily.
Most overwhelm is self inflicted stress.
When we set up boundaries to protect ourselves. Investigate what do I miss? What do I not want to experience again? What do I want my routine to look like? How do I want to spend my time.
My days are my life. Optimize your days.
Here are my 4 favourite productivity hacks.
1. Design your morning and evening routines.  Try to include meditation and something that makes you move and sweat into both.
2. Use your phone wisely. If you are on it all the time might as well use it to set alarms for when you are supposed to be working on specific tasks through out your day.  Use a time, set an alarm clock reminder.
3. Batch work your days. For example save your Monday morning for self care.  Then dedicate 3-4 hours for a small batch of items from your to do list.  I used to do meeting monday’s but I much prefer to meet people on tuesday/wednesday. 
4. Set Daily SMART Goals.  Specific, measurable, relevant and timely.  How I work things is by the full moon and new moon so on every new moon, depending on where it is in the astrological chart I set a theme for the next cycle. Within that theme, I write out an over arching affirmation for the month. Then I write it out on a piece of paper or sticky note and put it all over my home. Every month, I set 4-8 power moves / smart goals and write down how it would feel if I got those power moves completed. 
I AM so happy and grateful that ___ (insert goal here).  
From there, I break down each of the goals into actionable items for the week/month/days ahead.
Thanks for listening, I hope some of this is actionable for you and I look forward to sharing more entrepreneurial insights with you soon.

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