BALANCE: The Upcoming Full Moon in Libra

I wanted to share a little Full Moon in Libra musings today as it is coming up on March 28th.

Many of the lessons/energies of the upcoming full moon are things we can start to integrate now, so that when the full moon actually arrives we can really put the rubber to the road and move our life forward!

First, I have a question for you and your relationship to doubt...

Do you ever have a creative idea, you know you get inspired but then for some reason you don't follow through?

What stopped you?

Time? Possibly, however I am a believer that whatever is important to you, you get done.

So if you look at the results and experience of your life you can see what intention you have been living.

Quite often what stops us is that voice inside that says but what if… doubt creeps in and slows us down.

If you find yourself in a creative lull know that this is bigger than art and bigger than just having some sort of writers block.

This is why I really wanted to share today, because the upcoming Full Moon in Libra is also about creativity.

For me, the biggest thing that stops me is when I allow Doubt to creep into my mind and input on my life.

This is the classic, mind vs heart scenario.

In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, doubt is identified as one of the only things in your path that will take you backwards.

Banishing doubt is one major steps to breaking through the mundane and into living an infinitely creative and joyful life.

Libra Full Moon on March 28th!

We will have the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, both at 8 degrees.

The symbolism is quite extraordinary and it brings the message of personal freedom and creativity.

The number 8 in numerology is the infinity number… it represents courage, strength and leadership.

This will give us the energy and confidence to over challenges and to being stronger as a result.

Libra stands for the balance in life.

Within ourselves we libra helps us balance

Masculine & Feminine

Shadow and light...

Emotional Balance is everything.

I host many womens circles, virtually and in person, and the biggest thing I see is the need for women being able to harmonize and balance their emotions more. I am totally in this as well, super joyful, super sad… all of the above.

Libra is an air sign, air signs typically deal with the mind and Libra specifically brings emotional balance through your mind.

Thoughts turn into your feelings and Libra liberates us from being in the mind stream and lost our thoughts.

This will allow us to be less reactive and more present to the life that is showing up for us.

This will make us more accepting of what is and have new and insightful perspectives on our lives.

It is almost impossible to experience love or feel at peace unless we bring the intention of acceptance into play.

Accept yourself as you are, accept and receive ideas, inspirations as they arise for you. Accept the people that show up in your every day life as exactly the right people that are there to show you something to help you elevate your life.

When we are not accepting of what is in front of us, we close off our hearts.

Your heart is the doorway to love and peace and to designing and living an expansive creative life!

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This was really beautiful and relevant and inspiring. The past full moon for me was really important to my ideas and visions of myself and how I crave to succeed in the future.
I really enjoyed reading this at 6:16 am. A really beautiful start to today

Sarahbella April 12, 2021

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