Aries Full Moon... look forward, celebrate your life!

Satnam Loves,


Myrah here with your full moon in aries musings for the weekend.

As I do every month, I am teaching an online workshop to dive into these concepts to ground them and give you tools to work with the portal that is here. You can RSVP here.


Let's dive in shall we?


The Aries Full Moon lands on October 9th at around 1:55PM PST + The Sun is in Libra while the moon is at 16 degrees libra.

This lunation brings forward many connections between many other planets and they are super powerful.


Aries is passion, and this passion is all about the celebration of your life and the beautiful futures you are creating from your inner world outward.

Aries reminds us to connect to our truth path and to be original.


To be original, we need to get out of our minds and allow our intuition to guide the way.


Aries brings the message to cut the cords from the wounds and memories, people and energies of that past that no longer serve you so that you can have the confidence to move forward creatively.


Aries instills in your heart the courage to go forward and the momentum to take action.


Aries is the first sign of the entire zodiac.


It brings simple and very direct messages.


Your mind wants you to look out there into the physical world for clues and ways to move forward.


Aries is saying let's not look out there, let's be in the moment, let's let our inner world speak and guide us along the path.

With the Sun in Libra and Moon at 16 degrees Libra we activate a double 7 code.


7 is the lightning strike of inspiration, of change, of bridging heaven and earth.

The upper and the lower.


It's a very powerful code that is unfolding for us right now.


The code is telling us to access our intuition, through rest, relaxation and love.

Healing in every way through love.


You will feel fired up.


You will feel enthusiastic and ignite within you a real sense that action is life!

I can't wait to share my live workshop about the full moon with you on Sunday October 9th, depending on where in the world you are. It might actually be on October 8th evening. You can click here to see what time the workshop begins for you,


I will be diving into even deeper layers of this including an explanation of the powerful Grand Trine of Planets that are aligned with many wonderful messages for us. How to access your intuition and inner voice during this time and how to decipher the right next steps for you right here and now.


Excited yet? I certainly AM!!




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