18 Empowering Intentions to keep you focused on creating a life you love.


Hi friends, Myrah here. I’ve been traveling for the last 4 months with my little family and when you spend that much time together with your family your inner language is seen quickly. And I realized how many times I have negative self talk about so many areas of my life including: my health, my accomplishments and just about anything when I’m not feeling 100%.


Highly functional people connected to source never ever talk about what’s missing.


They talk about what they intend to manifest and create in their life.


Can you relate?


When things go side ways what does your inner language sound like? Is it empowering or disempowering? What you focus on grows. 


Try on one of these inner language hacks / mantras each time your disappointed or upset with life or yourself or someone else. It’s truly magic. So message me on IG or email if you try these and they cause a shift for you, I’d love to hear about it. 


1. ⭐️ I intend to attract unlimited abundance into my life
2. ⭐️ I intend on focusing my thoughts on what I love about my partner
3. ⭐️ I am perfect in the eyes of god, a divine manifestation of creation.
4. ⭐️ I see myself as a attractive being and I don’t compare myself
5. ⭐️ I am content with myself and I don’t need to be noticed in order to be happy.
6. ⭐️ I am apart of the ebb and flow of the limitless source of all of life. I have enough energy as I choose to have.
7. ⭐️ I am divine health I intend to act in healthy ways and attract the power to strengthen my immune system in any way I can. I am health. I see myself as health
8. ⭐️ everyone is in my life for a reason and I intend to love them no matter what. 


9. ⭐️ I see myself as beautiful and grateful 

10. ⭐️ I am a divine creation capable of thinking like my creator. I intend to substitute love for inadequacy.

11. ⭐️ I love my family they don’t see things my way and I don’t expect them to. I am totally focused on my own intentions and I send them love. 

12. ⭐️ I am on purpose on what I am signed up to do in this life time 

13. ⭐️ I intend to give full expression to my essence 

14. ⭐️ I do what my heart tells me to do 

15.  I intend to feel good 

16. I want to feel good. 

17. I intend to heal. 

18. I am willing to change. 



Intentions Inspired by Dr. Wayne Dyer “The Power Of Intent” 📸by @zohny_nicks Wearing @kundalinigown short edition in cotton gauze.