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Article: New Moon Taurus brings inspired New Beginnings this week!

New Moon Taurus brings inspired New Beginnings this week!

New Moon Taurus brings inspired New Beginnings this week!

Sat Nam loves, Myrah here.
Are you feeling the New Moon Taurus energy yet? It's exact on May 8th at 8:22PM PST.
Taurus is an earth sign. Earth signs know how to ground, root and get things done.
Earth signs know how to manifest!
Taurus is ruled by Venus and Jupiter is also currently in Taurus so we will be feeling especially good over the next few days and especially during the upcoming New Moon.
We have an opportunity to seize the moment.
Taurus energy brings pleasure, a sense of security, beauty, well being and ABUNDANCE!
This is very good energy to feel and experience a breakthrough in a part of your life,
Loves, the waves of opportunity are among us now. The surf is looking good!!
The winds of change are working in your favour.
We have 5 planets in Taurus right now creating an opportunity to really gain some momentum in this breakthrough that you are ready for right now.
This 5 planet stellium of Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, Sun, Moon are all working together to help you break away from the past and break through fixed energies. Energies you just didn't know how to move before are moving now.
With Uranus in the Stellium, the water bearer is giving us the water-like flow of inspiration, that genius energy, that sudden strike of inspiration like lightning. We are digging up things that need to be moved.
We are ready for a change and shift in our lives.
This is not an overnight shift that's happening. Whatever is happening for you right now started 6-12 months ago and right now you are about to experience it bear fruit for you.
This week focuses on what really feels good for you.
What truly resonates...
This is a lunation about abundance, joy, beauty and it wants. you to discover your inner peace, happiness and sense of fulfillment. This lunation wants you to feel pleasure and take in the beauty of your life.
Be open to the unexpected. With Uranus, there is this sense of something that you didn't expect, but something that you totally are ready to welcome into your life to happen.
New Moons are New beginnings. Do what you have to do to feel grounded. Lunations can feel like a storm with all the changes that they cause. Feel grounded, it's ok to sway left and right but stay in your roots like Taurus.
You are strong.
You can weather the storm in any direction.
This is an incredible time to tune into what you are grateful for and to move into the direction of your heart based calling. For me that is all about empowering women. Everything I write, design and share is about supporting women to feel a sense of inner power and drive to experience their true selves.
Your antenna to the divine is activated.
We are being attuned to the divine this month.
Feel into the river of life to take your power back and to embody the love that we are.
Right now, in the shop we have been reading "Mother To Maiden" in our book club and it's been such a beautiful time to sit together with women of all ages to talk about motherhood together.
As an early Mothers Day Gift, I'd love to share with you a RARE 25% off discount code today as a gesture of my gratitude to all of you on this path with us.
Discount code: MOTHERLOVE25
xoxo Myrah & Robindra

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