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Featuring floating linen, gauzy cotton and sustainable blends. 

Our collection marries natural beauty, ceremonial whimsy with everyday priestess chic.

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Limited Edition Virgo KaftanLimited Edition Virgo Kaftan
Brida Gown LongBrida Gown Long
Brida Gown Long Sale price$340.00
Bamboo Rayon Virgo Rising GownBamboo Rayon Virgo Rising Gown
Long Sleeve Virgo Rising KaftanLong Sleeve Virgo Rising Kaftan
Anna Yemaya DressAnna Yemaya Dress
Anna Yemaya Dress Sale priceFrom $64.00
Linen Brida Gown ShortLinen Brida Gown Short
Linen Brida Gown Short Sale price$276.00
Linen Amma PlaysuitLinen Amma Playsuit
Linen Amma Playsuit Sale price$290.00
Short Sleeve Amma GownShort Sleeve Amma Gown
Short Sleeve Amma Gown Sale price$290.00
Linen River KaftanLinen River Kaftan
Linen River Kaftan Sale price$313.00
Butterfly Tunic (Rainbeau Collection Waffle with Belt Bag)Butterfly Tunic (Rainbeau Collection Waffle with Belt Bag)
IN BLOOM "Limited Edition"Nidra Button Down Top + Nidra Short Set (Cotton/Linen)IN BLOOM "Limited Edition"Nidra Button Down Top + Nidra Short Set (Cotton/Linen)
Shanti Wrap SkirtShanti Wrap Skirt
Shanti Wrap Skirt Sale price$235.00
Linen Muse GownLinen Muse Gown
Linen Muse Gown Sale price$313.00
Ancient Chajin Jacket (100% Linen)Ancient Chajin Jacket (100% Linen)
Anna Yemaya Gown (Natural Linen / Cotton)Anna Yemaya Gown (Natural Linen / Cotton)
Virgo Luna DressVirgo Luna Dress
Virgo Luna Dress Sale price$340.00


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