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Article: Integrating the blessings

Integrating the blessings
Inner Peace

Integrating the blessings

Sat Nam loves, Myrah here.
I just got home from a 3 day retreat at the top of Mount BatuKaru here in Bali. I experienced what felt like a peak experience in my life when we went to a sacred river for a water blessing and cleansing. The message and teachings really landed and I am so excited to share some of it with you today.
(Side note, I am participating in hosting workshops and retreats again, if you are planning on coming to Bali do send me an email and I'd love to connect with you while you are here.)
Loves, we are in a time of integration with the eclipse season and Mercury stationing direct in just a few days.
We are finally going to start seeing and feeling the shifts that we have all been working so hard towards over this very potent month of April.
We are still in a very powerful time with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that is giving us the inspiration and energy to powerfully up-level our lives.
Pause for a moment and write down or think about...
What have you been shown this month that needs to be shaken off?
What do you need to let go of?
What has been limiting you?
What has been holding you back?
It could be old patterns, karmic energies, something has been holding you back from the growth that you deserve.
There is a NEW story ready to be written by you in the present moment. Not looking back and not looking too far ahead.
There is an energy that can light you up right now.
You are starting to feel your energy come online and new parts of yourself emerge.
There is this flowering blooming energy that we have access to right now.
Shining a light on who we really are!
The Uranus/Jupiter conjunction is saying that YOU are READY for change.
Say this out loud....
I am ready to see things differently.
I am ready to write a NEW story!
I'm ready for new developments and dormant faculties and talents to awaken.
I am ready to DO things differently!
And so it is!
Remember loves, that not everyone will feel this big life change energy. 
 The entire collective  cannot change at the same time but some people will feel it and some people will be the ones to help us ground this rapid shift that is happening.
If you haven't been feeling the dramatic shifts yet it's ok, your time will come and right now your job is to anchor and help those around you stay grounded and clear.
No matter where you are on this spectrum, focus on how to harmonize.
How to be calm.
How to be more meditative in your everyday life
Know that you can be calm in the storm not just for your life but for your family, community, work place and collective.
Over the last few days sitting at the top of Mount BatuKaru, I really felt and saw a new way of seeing things and I saw that this new way is landing for many people all over the world.
With Mercury Stationing direct we have an opportunity now to assess all the ideas and opportunities that came up during the past month.
Before launching ourselves forward too fast, it's time to assess what we can really handle.
What do you really have time for?
What do you have resources for?
What are you really available for right now to take action on?
Momentum will start to pick up and in this faster moving energy remember to pay attention to details.
Double check everything, correct and put into order the things that need ordering in your life.
This is a time to be intentional.
Lean into your prayers.
Get clear and stay aligned to what's really true for you right now.
Know that if April showed you that something is over or you got clarity that something is not a part of your future. Trust the ending.
This has been a long time coming.
Step away, move onwards and upwards.
xoxo Love, Myrah and Robindra

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