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Article: Unexpected blessings are coming your way this week.

Unexpected blessings are coming your way this week.

Unexpected blessings are coming your way this week.

Sat Nam loves, Myrah here.
Reflecting on Mother's Day in conversation with my hubby we uncovered a deep conversation about healing the Mother within. We have just recorded a podcast which we will share later this week where we have a chance to share more intimately and in depth the topic in a way we hope lands for you.
Stay tuned for the next episode, I'll share a link in my IG and in the newsletter soon.
For now let's dive into the week ahead because it's a GOOD one! 
This is going to be a lively and quite a lucky week ahead.
Sun and Uranus are coming together in a conjunction in just a few days. This is all about starting something new, upgrading our systems, upgrading our lives systematically... we have the force of the sun coming to bring us unexpected opportunities and blessings.
Unexpected blessings are coming your way!
Today, I was in our shop in Pererenan, Bali and a woman who I've met on a few occasions came to meet me to present an opportunity that I have been praying for and I'm sitting here right now just blown away with synchronicities that it took for this to come to fruition. It's that kind of week.
New directions are coming together now.
Open your heart to new adventures and thrilling opportunities.
Be ready to be spontaneous, yet methodical in your openness to say YES!
The giving force of the sun is shining on us this week.
On May 18th, we also have Sun Conjunct Jupiter. Bringing wisdom, generosity, good luck energy and that fresh new beginning feeling.
This weekend will again be a time to integrate and rest from all the magic that is showing up for us this week.
What's happening right now is rare, Jupiter for example is leaving Taurus for 12 years next week so this very grounded earthy, rooted energy of Taurus empowered by Jupiter is here to give you some real momentum in creating positive change.
I'm not saying to expect your life to change immediately, but this week we can plant seeds that will certainly grow and expand us in the coming months in the most beautiful way.
Trust the Process!
Inhale and exhale with me! Ahhhh.
Let's expand.
Let's outgrow our past so we can live in the moment in a more powerful way.
Let's expand your brilliance.
Let's expand your radiance.
Let's expand our generosity.
Mother is a force of nurturing in the universe.
Mother is a part of all of us, whether we are mothers or not, we have a mother and we live on mother earth.
Mother force, uplifts, brightens, nurtures!
Loves, remember that on our planet there is a lot designed to pull you off your path.
Earth is a polarity planet, we have the highs and the lows..
It is our job to keep our minds, hearts and bodies clean through whatever practice that you choose to use. We have access to so many modalities, it's really choose your own adventure.
Whatever adventure you choose, do it with consistency. If it's working and it's gold, stick with it, if something needs adjusting, adjust and keep going and growing!
I'm really excited to see how this week will turn out. 
Truly, the stars and the sun are on our side right now.
Let's create something wonderful shall we?
xoxo Myrah & Robindra

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