This detail about the New Moon in Capricorn on Dec 23rd that will blow your mind

Satnam loves, we have a very auspicious New Moon in Capricorn happening on December 23rd.

It brings an incredible energy as the final lunation of the year.


Capricorn is urging us to take leadership in our lives by taking responsibility for what is...

What this can look like for you right here and now is simply being even more grateful for what is already in your life and if there are elements in your life that you need to work, bless those areas of your life with your prayers and then like a true Capricorn, TAKE ACTION!


Ending the year with a Capricorn New Moon is the universe saying to us, stop being the victim, with the date of the New Moon landing on the 23rd of December, activates the #23 Royal Star of the Lion energy in our lives.


The Lion is the King of the Jungle.  You are the Queen/King of your life.


Walk forward with confidence that your path is exactly where it is supposed to be and that if for some reason it's not quite there yet you will find your way.  Spirit has your back! 


New Moons bring New Beginnings.


What new beginnings are calling upon you right now? 


What is ready to be given to birth as we enter the new year?


What are you ready to let go of?  (Endings are also New Beginnings)


Capricorn New Moon brings a sense of dedication, responsibility, leadership and manifestations.


My husband is Capricorn and I can attest that they love building things that last.

Here is the mind blowing aspect of this New Moon!

To amplify all of this Capricorn energy right now, we also have 5 planets in Capricorn right now....








Are all in Capricorn now.  This is calling for a tremendous awakening in us to take control of our lives.


We are all entering a fresh new season of our lives with the Solstice then followed by the New Moon.


In addition, we have Jupiter square the moon during this lunation.  This will bring a sense of celebration in the results we are getting in our lives from the actions we are taking in our lives (Capricorn inspired).


We have a very beautiful theme of expansion, joy and fresh starts.


We will also still feel a little less social and a little more inwardly drawn as we still have Mars in Retrograde right now.


Capricorn is an earth sign.


Capricorn gives us that feeling of balance


of being feeling taken care of...


it is truly a lovely energy to support us as we transition into the new year and


new cycle of 3 years begins...


Loves, I hope this was helpful.  I know the holidays will be a joyful experience for you and if your not quite feeling it know that your friends, family and community are one call away from having a conversation.


I know that Instagram and social media can give the impression that everyone has "it all together" but in reality there is much struggle behind the scenes, especially during the holiday season.


Let's light that candle of kindness and love and make sure that everyone has a helping hand in our communities.




Myrah & Robindra

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