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Article: New Years Playbook: This small fact about January 2023 will change your entire approach to your New years resolutions

New Years Playbook: This small fact about January 2023 will change your entire approach to your New years resolutions

New Years Playbook: This small fact about January 2023 will change your entire approach to your New years resolutions

Satnam loves,


Happy New Years from our family to yours. 

I hope you are having a wonderful day and that your celebrations were joyful and with people you love. 

We started our evening with a walk on the beach with no real plans but to watch the sunset and through the adventurous spirit of our kids we ended up at a restaurant where a major fireworks was planned just minutes after the sunset. It was spectacular! Afterwards, we walked to an ice cream shop and then home tired and ready for the new year.


I woke up today with a feeling that the new year's resolutions will need to wait for a few weeks before I activate them. And I suggest you do the same if you want to be in alignment with nature.

First off, right now even if we tried to push forward and fast we are in the midst of a  Super Retrograde! 

We currently have a Mars + Mercury Retrograde that gives us a super retrograde experience as we begin the year.  

Yikes right! Well, if we dig deeper, it's such a perfect way to begin the year.

This retrograde season is very much the stars aligning/nature aligning to tell us to slow down. 


If we look deeper into it, Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn encourages us not to follow the societal pressure to rush into the New Year with New Resolutions, Goals and high go getter energy... which is all wonderful things however right now the energy in the stars is saying something different. 


Slow Down!  And prepare to begin all these aspirations after January 20th.

In my playbook this year, I am allowing these first 3 weeks of the new year, to give myself and my family time to tune into the new year.



Capricorns don't like to be rushed and this is the gift of these first few weeks of the year. 

Be willing to take your time with things and allow new solutions to arise for your path.


There will be so much time this year for progress and action, now isn't one of them..


I know many of you have been doing the work and quite possibly right now you might be wondering why things aren't coming together quite yet.


It feels like we are in the stretched out back position of the sling shot, major tension and just waiting for take off...  I certainly have felt this way for the past few months, with many projects on go




Know that things will start to flow more by the end of January as Mars and Mercury Retrograde end and station direct.



Contrary to popular belief, don’t rush into the year… these first few weeks we don't want to apply too much pressure to ourselves, our projects, our relationships, our visions...



We don't really know what we are working with during Mercury Retrograde until it’s over. 



There are things that are being processed on all levels and again we slow down to speed up later this year.


The Gift of Mercury Retrograde happening right now in an earth sign like Capricorn is that it helps us with what we want to manifest next!


I really do want _____ (this) in my life.


I really do want to manifest this next part _____ of my life.


I really do want to work on this ____ new dream project.



These first 3 weeks of January will be a time for renewal, recommitting and re-prioritizing all aspects of our lives.



Don't know where to start? Try these 3 things.


  1. Let it go! Purge your. home, your wardrobe of things that don't make you feel divine... purge old to do lists. Purge old photos on your phone, make space on your computer, note pads and allow yourself the space to be and listen to flow. 
  2. Start a daily gratitude journal writing practise. 5 mins a day in the morning and 5 mins a day before you go to sleep. If you have children ask them everyday what things they are grateful for... What you appreciate, appreciates! Take stock of where you've been and how far you have come. 
  3. Start writing down the ideas as they start to arise. What is next? What is this next chapter of your life?


Look at the timeline of your entire life. Where are you at? What is the next phase?


Are you in a relationship that needs to go forward? Are you single and need to find someone to commit into a relationship with? Are you ready for kids? Asking a few questions quite often goes a long way.


What do you still want in your world?


What don't you still want in your world?


What is on your bucket list that perhaps you are ready to make happen this year?


Love, this is a time to stay open to what spirit is bringing to you.




ASK. What spirit IS sharing with me?


What am I feeling and sensing intuitively right now?


This slow start to the year will be a perfect opportunity to connect with your own light and energy on a pure level, to really solidify what is necessary for you to live a good life!


How wonderful, yes?


Things are coming together! We just haven't seen it yet, but we will.


Don't let the typical delays, setbacks and uncertainty get you down or emotional.


You might be feeling it, I was certainly feeling it the last few days of the year as I felt like we just made it over the finish line. I felt waves of emotion arise as the new year rang in but I knew that this was also a part of letting things go that no longer served.








It's time to get your tea, your books, your notepads, do your practises, go into nature, clean your home, make space as the year will certainly speed up later this month and we have a "grace" period right now to get settled in!


Happy New Year's love!  There is so much more to share which I will be doing very soon on my new Youtube page and upcoming emails.



Myrah & Robindra




We have many new offerings on the site right now and we are extending our year end sale till about January 5th, lots of lovely new pieces and old classics that are on last call.




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