3 Ways to bring in the blessings this Winter & Summer Solstice

 Satnam loves, Myrah here with some GOOD news for you on this Solstice day. 

We have the Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere & Summer Solstice in Southern Hemisphere happening right now.

The vibe of this Solstice is quite special and is blessed by the grand energy of Jupiter which took 12 years to reach this 0 point Aries which is happening right as the Solstice arrived.


Jupiter is about expansion.

Jupiter is about having a wider view and seeing beyond the horizon.


Jupiter moves us to take action  on opportunities with enthusiasm.


The solstice can also be an intense time with lots of energies coming up.


Whatever it is that is coming up for you right now... if you can see through them to see the lesson.


1. See the pattern that is emerging and asking you to clear it.

Our focus during this solstice is to enjoy this moment.  It is the only moment we have control over!


2. Our job today is to cherish the present moment...


3. Let the holiday be a holy-day, where everything is celebrated in your life right now.


The solstice is a time to let the miracles happen.

This is a time of birth and rebirth.  The beginning of a new season.


There is nothing more miraculous than starting something new!


Take the opportunity to be with family and to be with friends.


There are many many blessings to take in during this time loves.


Everything is possible.


There will be a surge of new energy happening for your right now to assist you in creating new ways

of being, of thinking and of taking action upon.


Such good news!


Solstice blessings!


Love love love,


Myrah & Robindra


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