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Article: The Summer Solstice Jumpstarts your life in the most beautiful way

The Summer Solstice Jumpstarts your life in the most beautiful way

The Summer Solstice Jumpstarts your life in the most beautiful way

Sat Nam loves, Myrah here.
Next week we have the Full Moon AND Summer Solstice happening back to back.
With the Solstice everything is elevated so use this energy to truly jumpstart your life.
Preparing a week in advance will give you such an advantage so let's begin today!
They say that during this period anything that you need will come.
Anything that you want to know about will come!
This is a time where the universe will give you answers to the questions you are asking about.
An ode to the sun and the solstice.  "Dear sun, thank you for kissing our skin, nurturing our emotions and for illuminating our highest potential for joy and adaptability."
Loves, the sun IS the source code.
Beginning, Middle and End...
It is very important to create a nurturing a relationship with the sun, as it is literally illuminating all aspects of our lives when we are in harmony with her.
We can reset our entire health and wellness simply by getting the right exposure on a daily basis.  Sun is brings the fire. 
Sun brings the light. 
Sun brings all life as we know it into form.
We celebrate life with deep rituals rooted in synergy with it's transformational fire.
The Sun is the symbol of transformation.
The Sun is our life's greatest allies. This week take a moment to write out your prayers of gratitude and offer them to the wisdom of the light and fire of the Sun.
Ask the sun to carry your offerings and our lives into the highest of realms and straight to the listening of our guides and our people.
This week as we prepare for the Solstice happening in a week, find ways to connect with the sun and reciprocate some of your energy in the form of dance, song and celebration. 
Our movements and momentum are favoured, maintained and sustained. 
With the Summer Solstice we lift up all of our blessings and we honour you, dear Sun!
The illumination of the sun will shine into where we need clarity.
What do we want to clear?
What do we want to let go of energetically?
The solstice is a time to let the puzzle pieces come together for us.
There is light at the end of this tunnel, I know things haven't been easy as of late but next week will certainly bring a peak experience of life to us.
Think about what is your natural talent that you came into this world to share? 
Now is the time we get clear.
Now is the time we focus on amplifying the positive in our lives.
Instead of seeing what's wrong in people, or circumstances in your life, choose to see what's good in other people.
Focus on the direction and not so much on the details.
If you get the direction right, you will get much much further down your path.
Have a wonderful Thursday loves, we have been putting up a lot of new pieces in our new arrivals and you have probably noticed we added a bunch of things to our In Store Sale.
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Making space for an entirely new way of doing things! I feel a shift happening.
Love, Love, Love!
xo Myrah & Robindra

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