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The Importance of Wearing White by Yogi Bhajan

Yogi Bhajan taught that wearing all white expands our auric radiance by at least one foot. A strong aura leads to a strong and solid identity. He urges us to "wear white so that we reflect what is outside and go within ourself—that’s what white clothes can do for you."

Wearing white is also an exercise in awareness, as it takes more consciousness and care to keep white clothes clean. Yogi Bhajan says that "the most difficult thing on this planet is to wear white top to bottom, but it is also the greatest therapy. If you really want to test yourself, live in a white room. What it does to you in one week will shock you. From one Sunday to another Sunday, you’ll be a different person without doing anything."

Wearing our #WearWhite Collection will inspire you to become more conscientious, more expansive and ever more radiant from the inside out. 

[Excerpts from Summer 1975, published in I am a Woman, p. 156.]

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