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Article: Your post new moon lunar eclipse playbook

Your post new moon lunar eclipse playbook

Your post new moon lunar eclipse playbook

Sat Nam loves, we made it!!
Yesterday's eclipse took on a cultural phenomenon that we haven't seen in a long time. It's exciting to see that the collective is starting to see the impact of these more subtle celestial events.
Eclipses activate us and galvanize change in different areas of our lives.
It impacts us all in different ways because it lands in our natal charts differently.
It was a Solar Eclipse in Aries that is a fire sign and metaphorically burns away anything that isn't meant to be there. When you put something in the fire, it transforms, it shifts from one form of matter to another. Personally I'm seeing how it's cleaning up areas of my life that have been in the shadows.
It's a time to get really real about our lives.
What's working?
What's not working... all are being revealed.
This is all really good news. We are being prepared for a wonderful spring new beginning.
You will feel held back initially. However it won't exactly feel like that right now because of the mercury retrograde, but just wait and see around the 25th of this month things are really going to start moving.
Discernment is key. There will be a lot of opportunities to take advantage of that are arriving right now.
However, just take it slow and steady. Know that mercury retrograde is here for a reason.
Completions and Integration are the name of the game. My game plan is to look at new projects and opportunities but really take action on all the pending projects and clean up old projects and energy. 
With Jupiter conjunct Uranus and Saturn Conjunct Mars these are all intense and are about awakening.
Big energy month! If we want to face a changing world we need to learn how to increase our level of energy. This means good sleep, hydration, movement practice, time in nature, space away from technology and eating the right nourishing foods.
We want to be creating a nourishing, healthy and uplifting life experience right now.
This is a time to invest in your heart.
We are all going to be highly sensitive.
I know that when I feel enthusiastic, when I feel happy, when I feel healthy the abundance in my life also flows.
Over the next 2 weeks put a lot of focus on cleansing and forgiveness.
Let bygones be bygones, move on, the future has arrived and it's ready for your compassionate embrace.
Look at what axis of your life right now you are feeling the most being energized.
Use your intuitive ability to sense where you need to focus. Again, it will be slightly different for each and every one of us.
In this way we can turn the difficult into the fortunate.
Let's stay in rhythm loves.
Let's stay in "spirit"... inspired. Life runs smooth when we are inspired.
Inspiration moves us brightly.
As the great poet Rumi once wrote...
Close your eyes.
Fall in love.
Stay there!
Have an INSPIRED week loves,
xoxo Myrah & Robindra

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