The Mantra that Changed the Game

Hi everyone, Myrah here. 

I'm currently spending my first full winter in Canada and I have to admit it hasn't been easy, being from California the long streaks of cold tend to get me down!  Something my hubby @Robindra shared with me is a mantra that he uses at his Yogi Entrepreneur School that really changed everything for me. 

MANTRA: What's this perfect for?  

Asking this question was the re-frame that really helped me see the opportunity about the current season in my life and the winter we are living in.

When you ask positive questions, you get positive answers.

Asking, what's this moment, what's this situation, whats this weather perfect for? It really helped move my attention towards thoughts that served vs that's that were draining. 

A Prairie Winter is perfect for getting into a normal rhythm, see since we are not travelling every other weekend, we are more grounding in the practises that really move our lives forward and as such I've seen a burst of creative energy flow! 

I'm over the moon to share that there are many new designs on paper and in production right now.

New in stock right now: 

1. Indigo Sanghat Turbans: - an oversized and extra long indigo turban that's perfect for the householders style. Available now.

2. Prairie Gown in Oatmeal: This long awaited piece is finally in stock and it's a beauty! Shop now.

3. Aura Gown has arrived: Another new piece in the collection, add to your white collection here.

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