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Article: Numerology Says That Everything is Amplified in 2018

Numerology Says That Everything is Amplified in 2018

Numerology Says That Everything is Amplified in 2018

This year according to numerology anything is possible for us to create!
2+0+1+8 = 11 
This is an 11 year year which means that...
Everything is AMPLIFIED!
  • 11 year is the energy of the infinite. 
  • This year is about connection to the infinite. 
  • 11 holds the space for everything to exist. 
  • This year we can do anything!
  • If we tap into it, we can have everything and it can be easy. 
In a year where anything is possible because we have incredible support and connection to the universal 11 energy we have to focus on the seeds we really want to plant. 
This year whatever you wish to bring to life, the energy of 11 will help make it happen!
11 is the energy of the master flow, an energy force. 
The work is to get clear on all the seeds you want to plant. 
Now is the time, with all the projects you have in the back of your head to bring them forth.  You will be amazed what is possible this year, whatever you put your attention to, it could very well happen. 
Here's the kicker, I work with a ton of entrepreneurs and quite often there is so much self doubt in their energy fields.  We doubt almost everything from our relationships, our decisions, our jobs, even our own families to the city we live in. 
Doubt has become a silent killer of so many young entrepreneurs lives. 

This year we have to learn how to suspend doubt for longer and longer moments in time so that we can bring forth that which we really want to create. 
Visualize for a moment, what your best year ever could look like.
How would you show up?
How would you show up at work?
How would you show up with your family and friends?
What projects would fulfill your highest destiny?
Where would you travel this summer?
What would make you really happy?
Hold that space. 
11 makes tuning into the infinite easier.
So use this knowledge to tune in and get yourself in the flow of life where live gets easier, more graceful and impact more people positively with your message. 
Take a piece of blank piece of paper and write out the following really large. 
Applied Action
These are the key things you will need to really work with the 11 numerological year of 2018. It's wonderful to have a physical reminder, to have this reminder in your environment which will alter how you behave and perform. 
Long story short, really focus on dreaming even bolder this year, let go of doubt and worry, steep yourself in the magnificent mantra and plant those seeds. Every new moon, get yourself into a ritual, every full moon celebrate what already IS. 

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