The Holiday Season is about connection

Tis The Season For Connection 

Let’s face it,  overstressed & over-tired is all too common in our collective lives in work, life and family.  We are more connected through technology but somehow not connected to ourselves. 

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Eventually, we all lose focus of our most wished upon goals, our new years resolutions and dreams as we fall into our newly formed habits around our use of technology.

When it comes to designing and living the life of your dreams, every decision, every day, matters and they only way to move forward is through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is essential to when it comes to creating what matters most to us. 

Tis The Season For Connection

(wearing the new Frida Gown Short Edition in cotton gauze)

Tis the season for connection! If you have been following along this last year, you know that I've really been navigating my #postpartum health journey, it's been a real eye opener and something I will share about as much as I can.

One really surprising thing that I have tangibly experienced is how #connection and #community play a significant role in personal #wellbeing and health.

Connection and daily celebratory small moments together is so important for that longing in your heart that unlocks true health and absolute abundance.

There is no better way to beat stress than to relax and have a good time with friends!!

Connection is such a key component to longevity, so this holiday season and right now let's make this the best season of connection ever.

Relationships keep you going.

Connection is everything.



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