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Article: Supporting & Accepting with Raj Akal Kaur Founder of Spiritual Alchemy Yoga

Supporting & Accepting with Raj Akal Kaur Founder of Spiritual Alchemy Yoga

Supporting & Accepting with Raj Akal Kaur Founder of Spiritual Alchemy Yoga

Over the past few years we have had the honor to see so many teachers, artists, mamas and founders grace the Kundalini Gown Collection. 

When we started seeing Raj Akal Kaur in the collection she literally made our day every time. The essence of peace, support and sweet surrender that she shares is contagious.


She is the founder of Spiritual Alchemy. A yoga & wellness farm in rural Napanee Ontario Canada. Pictured above wearing our Lakshmi Gown (available now)

Your Name: My spiritual name: Raj Akal Kaur

(Birthname/street name Lisa Marie Gierak)

Share a little about yourself: 

While in the midst of a 13 year creative career in the Event Production, Marketing and Fashion industries, I was thrust swiftly and unexpectedly one night, into a life consumed by suffering from PTSD.

My now husband (then boyfriend) and I were randomly attacked one night while walking on the streets of downtown Toronto Ontario Canada (that's a whole other story) and what we were left with was two individuals trying to navigate through a life of fear, panic, and darkness all while we were falling in love because we had just been dating 5 months when we were attacked.

One of my therapists at the time suggested yoga. This was pivotal for me. What began for me in 2004 after discovering yoga was simply a magical love affair with gaining safety and a strong healthy foundation back in my life. 

What has happened in the next 14 years leading up to today is a very slow and steady journey of becoming a wife, a mother and staying so dedicated to my yogic and holistic health journey in order to survive and live with PTSD. I felt my life calling shifting from corporate career to this desire to serve others who could possibly benefit and grow from Natural Wellness as I have. 

So here I sit, a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher as well a certified Reiki Master Teacher. My partner and I sold our Toronto home, quit our "safe" corporate jobs and moved our little family to our very own little slice of Heaven - some Eastern Ontario Farmland where my Mother's family roots are. We moved into a big beautiful Century home nestled in nature and built our own Wellness Studio! Dedicating each to a slower, more sustainable life. As a dedicated female healer, I spend each day of my life being here to serve and widely share quite simply, the sacred wisdoms that saved my life

What are you excited about right now? 

Continuing to live each day elevated and in touch with my true soul. Perhaps also getting to experience the humbling honour of inspiring others to do the same.

What inspired you to do the work you do today? 

Survival ... and desire to be victorious and rise above the adversities that tried to break me down.

Whats your major challenge right now and what are you doing to overcome it?

I love my challenges! Such beautiful teachings.

Current focus is feeling full comfort in work with honoring my boundaries...Kundalini Meditations for such patterns are my tool to keep me victorious in this endeavor right now!

What's one daily ritual you are practising right now? 

Creating my own healing sound and dance movement vibrations daily.... weather its chanting, playing harmonium, ukulele or my gong. Solo dance and dancing with my two children is and always has been a daily tradition since they were in utero.

How can the community support you right now? Simple ask: 

 I'd love some reviews on any of my social media sites, sharing with others who might be aligned with my services weather near or far. I feel that my healing wings are meant to travel this world and share deep connections widely.

What is your dharma in 2 words. 



What's one service we could feature for you, that would be helpful for your business/projects?

Reiki Master services. (Healing and training future Reiki Practitioners)

Thank you for all the love and being a part of the community and doing the work that you do in this world!

Where can people find your services/projects?  

Facebook: @spiritualalchemywellness

Instagram: @spiritual.alchemy 


Anything else you would like to share with the community? 

Believe in your own unique brand of magic. No one else in this world can offer what you have to share. Nobody can dance like you can either.... move your body daily and celebrate yourself in your true soul's song and dance! Feel all of the energy that comes with that sacred ritual! 

It's always been quite surreal and special to be included into Myrah Peñaloza's community ... to connect so heart-fully with another woman so many miles away has been kind of like having a penpal in grade 3 again.

Perhaps surreal because she had a very grounded, inspirational online presence in a world of socialite drama being the unfortunate norm of our culture....perhaps surreal because when I started following her some years ago, it was in a time of great personal challenge and back then I didn't have the capacity to see my own shine.

I didn't fully understand my worth. I was just a woman aspiring to be something better, thinking I didn't amount to much because I had shadow work to do, healing to do, learning to accomplish. I was finding my footing. Finding my way.

Thanks to my personal dedications to spiritual practices and holistic natural wellness, I've come to realize we ALL are magical beings of light and we are all worthy of being included and accepted for our individual uniqueness...EVEN in our darkness, EVEN in our moments of internal resistance. There is beauty in every moment of life and not just the moments when you seem to be some shiny rainbow version of individual perfection.

The way that Myrah connects with her community is something that always touched my heart. Taking time to have deep connections is everything I am about. So it makes sense I suppose, that a beautiful distant friendship formed out of something I simply enjoyed following at first. Be open to these wonderful possibilities in life.

It's been awfully humbling to be included in the @kundalinigown 30 Love Stories feature. To just be able to share some tiny bits of myself in a very vulnerable and raw manner by way of Kundalini Gown's blog/journal platform is so empowering.

My story is a complex one, a tale of trauma turned to treasure and I look forward to the years to come as I can share more of me, with more of you.

Thank you for including me, for seeing me and so many others and for celebrating us all as radiant beings in this Mother Earth Community. You are a lighthouse.  @myrahpenaloza

@kundalinigown @robindra

DEEP bows in gratitude & grace



To meet Raj is to know love and acceptance. She is a soul who emanates joy from her very core. Her laughter, wisdom and confidence draw people to her and you know you have met some one truly authentic in her being. What a joy to share time with! Raj’s brings her beauty to her new space at Spiritual Alchemy and all of her practices and teachings, wherever she is. So glad you “Grooved” into our lives Raj.

Marta Lambert

Wonderful article featuring a truly beautiful soul. I have had the recent pleasure of being in the presence of Raj and her healing space. Thank you for sharing her story and inspiring others to be courageous enough to share their stories as well 💖

Jen Fitz

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