Inspiring Creativity with Tara Benmeleh, Mamma & Founder of Espiritutara

30 LOVE Stories over 60 Days. It's been quite a journey for us to find and read about all of the inspiring women in our community.

Everyday we see emails come in from women who have some of the Kundalini Gown Collection and we are always blown away by the caliber and grace of the women that have been following our collection and family. 

Today, we are so excited for you to meet Tara Benmeleh, mother, founder, designer and lover of inspiring people to express their creativity. 

Meet Tara Benmeleh  (wearing our Dark Moon Lakshmi Gown)

Dark Moon Lakshmi Gown

Founder of: Espiritutara 

Bio: Tara Benmeleh is a mama to mini rockstar/guru/ wild man Max Aero who's 3 years old and wife to DJ/Attorney Jack.

Together they enjoy adventuring the world, collecting and creating art and dancing. Tara is director and head-designer for the Miami based lifestyle brand, espiritútara. T

he brand also functions as a creative hub for experimentation, supporting talent through collaborations and special programming. With jewelry as its core, espiritútara seeks to empower with beautiful pieces that possess elements of protection and positivity.

Inspired by travel, art, and the pursuit of magic, the line is made of intentional stones and handmade elements that are create for those searching for both design and the manifestation of light. 

What are you excited about right now?

I’m really excited about a collab I’m doing right now with the artist Lazaros, @a.s.t.r.a.l.o.r.a.c.l.e.s. We have created an oracle ring together, we suggest to wear them on the left pinky finger which is a frequency field as discovered by Lazaros in relation to the presence of all dimensions.

There are many more pieces in the works all aligned with different types of magic. 

What inspired you to do the work you do today?

Photo above, Tara wearing the white luminous playsuit.

Through exploration of the self and spirituality I have learned healing tools and knowledge to help guide others spiritually, creatively, and intuitively. 6 years ago I discovered Kundalini yoga and started to heal myself.

My first teacher lived really far so I would go to these 5 hour Sat Nam Rasayan workshops just to learn from her but ended up with a healing tool, eventually I did my reiki training and began to infuse all of this energy into my jewelry pieces.

When I had my son, Max Aero, I started to really change my diet (even though i have been some version of vegan to pescatarian since I was 11, then ended up at an attachment parenting waldorf school where I was inspired by all the mamas and nature.

From there I started doing women’s work and with all these modalities combined I think I found a way to bridge this world of spirituality with the practical world that makes it accessible for almost anyone. 

What's your major challenge right now and what are you doing to overcome it?

Being a full time mom and figuring out how to make enough time to work on my brand. I used to make everything by hand but recently I’ve outsourced production and it has gifted me with so much more time.

I also have so many people surrounding me that help me with Max and with my brand. I feel like every child comes with so many angels to help you and I see this so often in my brand and also my family. 

What's one daily ritual you are practising right now?

I’ve started really trying to form a consistent routine with taking my morning supplements everyday. At the start of the week I put them in little mason jars for each day to make it way easier.

I do the 5 tibetan rites daily and attempt to start my day with celery juice.

How can the community support you right now?

I always value feedback and would love to be guided on what people would like more from me. 

What is your dharma in 2 words

Inspire creativity. 


Follow Tara's work here. 




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