New Moons are an opportunity for a fresh start

New Moons are an opportunity for a fresh start
Have you heard of the Fresh start effect?
It goes like this... specific dates in our calendar can operate as temporal landmarks in our minds. Just like landmarks in physical space, which help you find your way, we have certain landmarks in time such as Monday, Day after our birthday. 
These are moments where we are more likely to start on better new behaviour. 
We all sub consciously keep in our heads a ledger in our minds. It's the first day of the year or a monday, sunday.... etc  we often say to ourselves on these days that...
I'm going to get a fresh start, and a brand new me is going to show up to be different and do something new!
People on fresh start, more likely to start on doing things that are good for them like going to yoga, the gym and practising self care.
We tend to think of timing as an art, intuition and guess work. 
Timing is really a science, there's research that allows to make great decisions.
Farmers are all about timing. If timing is off, your going to starve. 
Farmers had to have their timing right, because of physical forces. 
1st time marathoners? The most common age people most likely to run a marathon is age 29.
29 is twice a likely as 28 year olds, and 30 year olds. Another common age 39, 49.
When people reach the end and or beginning of something they tend to perform better.  
Simply put we perform better on fresh starts.
New Moons are part of our natural cycles that when we connect with them we are connecting to patterns of nature that govern when its best to begin or end something. 
New Moons are about bringing intentionality to your life.
To work a little smarter and live a littler better to create and experience more meaning in our lives. 
Don’t be afraid to go after what you want, no matter how impossible it seems, don’t keep thinking about it, stop talking about doing it, whatever it is, just actually work towards it and stop talking about it.
Do something with all the dreams you have talked about out loud.
New Moon in Leo was this past Tuesday August 18th.
This new moon in Leo is very powerful moment and it is connected to abundance. 
Leo being a royal sign ruled by the Sun, our light, Sun being the light, governs our hearts. 
This is a major powerful reboot of the heart center.
And as the heart is merged with the mind, because Sun and Moon are merged with Mercury, which makes it a very good time for understanding the ways we have been thinking and how they have not really worked or served us very well. 
The energy of this pride Lioness Sign invokes Love, Leadership, Financial Flow, through wisdom compassion and laughter.
Laughter heals as joy is the nectar, and when you smile, you heal.
Our smile's are being right now being hidden through masks and social distancing. This sign in Leo is reminding us how a simple smile can dissipates conflict and activates powerful healing, tuning us into ancient wisdom as a healing modality.
Everyone is a healer, by the virtue of how you show up in the world. 
Now is the time to really focus and practise that healer, while mars is still moving forward. Mars has been in Aries and will go retrograde September 9th, keep that date in mind. Within you lies all the wisdom to navigate to create a new earth. 
Take the time to self reflect on how you feel about everything, how your intuitive response feels about whatever the thing is... Now is the time to keep balanced and strong and create the incredible growth and expansion that is happening naturally right now. 
What is happening this new moon that is waking us up?
We have ideas that your looking at, it's a really good time to synchronize the heart (leo) and mind (moon).
Your thoughts will move very fast and you want to explore what’s coming into your mind. And you want to give yourself the space to be able to receive and explore these ideas and give them space to breath.
Enjoy and take note of all the fresh start opportunities in your calendar. 
Sunday's always feel like a fresh start, more than mondays, but that is a personal thing, what day of the week can you commit to feeling a fresh start?  
Is friday officially the end of the week for you?  Can you use Saturday Morning as a fresh start day?
Fresh starts are intentions that I also set with myself every week, to give myself an experience of something new in the upcoming week. To dive into the unknown in terms of possibilities. 
Keep dreaming loves, 2020 is making us all much stronger, let's commit to coming out of this year bolder, stronger, wiser and more healed than ever before. 
Commit to healing your internal emotional self, find modalities that let you go within to explore and heal and transform. 

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