Pisces is a fantastic sign that shows us that balance is the key. Full Moon Musings w Myrah Penaloza

Satnam Loves, Myrah Penaloza here.  Just sharing a few of my notes about today's Full Moon.  Certainly its a strong full moon energetically, so I thought I would share some insights to help ease the day for you and me!

Full Moon in Pisces is on September 2nd. 

September 2, 2020 begins the final third of the year.
Pisces is a fantastic sign that shows us that balance is the key. 
Balancing Intuition and Intelligence.

Mind and Heart.

Male and Female. 

In order to bring energy on earth and in our lives into balance,  we must acknowledge the old energy that has been there.
This is what the 2020 clear vision has been setting us all up for is true authentic balance of love, light and dark.
At this time of the year, we make sure the foundations that we build our life, our perceptions, careers and livelihoods are built on love, compassion and joy. 
As new parents of 2 kiddos under 3 our balance is constantly being challenged and all it takes is a few nights with a teething baby boy who can't sleep to take us right out of balance. 
Just like the major changes in 2020 have brought so many of us out of our normal balance, we are being encouraged to be flexible in order to bring balance back into our lives. 
Pisces is a sign of peace
It's galactic, expansive and reveals what is hidden. A full moon in pisces will really amplify these energies. 
Pisces is also the sign of imagination, intuition and spirituality.  
It is a water sign, and water goes everywhere! There are no boundaries, you will feel this expansive limitlessness this upcoming week. 
There is a lot of healing that is possible during in this full moon.
Pisces is a dreamy sign, it is idealistic and is powerful in bringing us all together.  
Pisces is about flowing anywhere your imagination takes you, so a key take away here over the next week and month, focus on creativity and current responsibilities.
September is about preparing and strengthening our inner resolve to step forward in love over fear as we close out the last third of 2020. 

September always feel like back to school time and literally right now we are in all in the new school of life, there is no playbook for the world as we know it, but there are ways of being that are eternal that always work. 

As my hubby @Robindra always shares, what you work, works.  

A key take away for this time is to not start something new, try to be creative in the completion of projects you have already started, the energy right now is better for completing what you already have on your plate.

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