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Article: New Moon Pisces is a time to awaken the unusual within us!

New Moon Pisces is a time to awaken the unusual within us!

New Moon Pisces is a time to awaken the unusual within us!

Sat Nam loves Myrah here.
I woke up this morning and I found myself preparing already for the upcoming New Moon in Pisces happening on March 10th at 2AM PST.
What is on my mind right now... is how Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac which signals a time for completions and new initiations when aligned with the New Moon.
With Pisces energy coming we know that we need to take action now on the things that need cleaning, clearing and completion in our lives and to begin to contemplate what is arising in us that we are ready to activate.
Piscean energy asks us to awaken the unusual within us. To try something new, a new approach, Pisces is a very creative space that is ruled by Neptune. Think Arts, Creativity and the way you go about your everyday life, work, family and your career.
Use your heart center to navigate the opportunities that will arise in the coming weeks. Expect fortunate outcomes and this Pisces can certainly bring us abundant and sudden VERY positive shifts in our lives.
What's also very interesting is that both the Sun and Moon are at 20 degrees Pluto which gives us this 20/20 vision like clarity in our lives.
Set the intention to embrace new found freedoms.
New Moon's bring New Beginnings.
To make space for new beginnings its a great time especially on a Sunday to start cleaning and clearing out our environment, our homes, our minds, our computers... Make a list of all the completions you would like to make between now and then.
New Moon Pisces can bring us many internal shifts that you will certainly feel over the next 10 days.
What needs to end so that you can so that you can begin fresh in every moment?
Take the opportunities coming your way to upgrade your life.
Be curious.
Write this statement out on your mirror or on a sticky note.
Think of the most important manifestations you are working on right now and use this mantra for the next 10 days as many times as you can while visualizing what it is you really want right now.
Trust your path and know that there's something WONDERFUL waiting for you.
You might have to go quiet during this time.
Take time in your own inner stillness and solitude.
This is when the downloads and messages arrive.
As we get closer to the New Moon things will feel more zingy.
You might feel impatient as the energy is building.
You are ready to let something go and you are sensing that something is coming through for you in a big way!
Uranus loves sudden developments so don't be surprised with these shifts that are coming.
The best path forward is to take this all one day at a time.
Cleaning, clearing and resetting what we have control over and trusting ourselves and our paths!
Trust yourself.
This moment IS MEANT TO BE.
Be in it!
xoxo Myrah & Robindra
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